National Diploma Rank In Immigration And Salary 2024

For those who want to join the Immigration Service in Nigeria, it’s a good decision and it’s one of the best Paramilitary organization in Nigeria you can ever dream of joining. In this post, we will only be discussing the National diploma rank in Immigration Service and how much they are entitled to as monthly salary.

For those who don’t know what National Diploma Stands For, National diploma also called ND or OND in short is a type of certificate which is issued to Candidates mostly by the Polytechnics in Nigeria after completion of a two year program. Those who possess the qualifications have higher chances of getting direct entry into any University of their choice.

National diploma rank in Immigration

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) is a government agency under the Ministry of Interior responsible for controlling and regulating immigration in Nigeria. It was established in 1958 and has since then been playing a crucial role in maintaining national security, promoting economic growth, and facilitating international relations.

The primary function of the NIS is to monitor and control the movement of people into and out of Nigeria. This includes issuing passports and visas, conducting border patrols, managing immigration checkpoints at airports and seaports, as well as processing residence permits for foreigners.

In addition to its immigration duties, the NIS also performs other important tasks such as census taking for statistical purposes and registration of births, deaths, marriages, and naturalization of immigrants.

The service is headed by a Comptroller General who reports directly to the Minister of Interior. Underneath the Comptroller General are three Deputy Comptroller Generals who oversee various departments within the NIS – operations/inspections; administration/logistics; intelligence/security.

So talking about the National diploma rank, it’s very simple to understand as the Nigeria Immigration has mapped out the basic salary which is meant for each qualification unlike the Nigerian Army which NCE, ND and SSCE holders are paid the same salary except you are a graduate.

Please note that when we talk about the National diploma rank in Immigration, We also mean OND Rank In Immigration.

What is OND and its Significance in the NIS?

OND (Ordinary National Diploma) is a certificate awarded to individuals who have completed a two-year program in any polytechnic or technical institution in Nigeria. It is one of the educational qualifications recognized by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) for recruitment and career progression.

The OND qualification plays a significant role in the NIS as it serves as an entry-level requirement for recruitment into certain positions within the organization. According to Section 7 of the Nigerian Immigration Service Regulations 2014, applicants must possess at least an OND from a recognized institution to be eligible for employment into the NIS.

Having an OND also provides opportunities for career advancement within the NIS. Employees who hold this qualification can apply for promotions and transfers to higher ranks, such as Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII) or Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO). This allows them to take on more responsibilities and increase their earning potentials.

Furthermore, OND holders are also given preference when it comes to training opportunities within the NIS. They are eligible to attend various professional development courses organized by the organization, which can enhance their skills and knowledge in areas relevant to their job roles.

In addition, individuals with an OND can use their qualification as a stepping stone towards obtaining higher academic degrees such as Higher National Diploma (HND), Bachelor’s degree, or even Master’s degree. This opens up more career opportunities not only within the NIS but also in other government agencies or private organizations that require higher education qualifications.

Rank Structure in the NIS

1. Junior Officers:
Junior officers are at the bottom of the rank structure in the NIS. They are typically new recruits who have just completed their basic training at immigration colleges across Nigeria. These officers hold ranks from Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI) to Assistant Comptroller of Immigration II (ACII). Their main duties include carrying out routine administrative tasks such as passport processing, visa issuance, border control operations under supervision from senior officers.

2. Senior Officers:
Senior officers fall within two categories; Chief Superintendent of Immigration (CSI) to Deputy Comptroller of Immigration (DCI), and Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration (ACGI). These officers are responsible for supervising junior staff members and overseeing daily operations at various commands across Nigeria.

3. Chief Officers:
Chief Officers hold ranks from Comptroller (CIC) to Assistant Controller General II (ACGII). They oversee larger divisions or units and report directly to the Assistant Controller General of Immigration (ACG).

4. Top Management:
The top management level consists of the most senior officers in the NIS. These include Deputy Comptroller General (DCGI) and the Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI). The CGI is the highest-ranking officer in the NIS and is responsible for overseeing all operations, policies, and strategies of the service.

The rank structure in the NIS also includes non-commissioned officers who are responsible for providing support services such as clerical duties, maintenance, and logistics.

Promotion in the NIS is based on a combination of merit and seniority. Officers are evaluated through performance appraisals, training courses, and examinations before being considered for promotion to higher ranks.

Eligibility for OND Rank in the NIS

  • Candidates to have an OND certificate from a recognized institution
  • Be within the age range of 18-30 years old, hold Nigerian citizenship,
  • Pass a physical fitness test
  • And meet other general requirements set by the Nigerian Immigration Service.
  • Possessing a minimum of five credits at O’Level including English Language and Mathematics.
  • Passing the NIS recruitment examination.

Benefits of Starting at an OND Rank in the NIS

  1. Hands-On Training and Experience.
  2. Career Advancement Opportunities
  3. Competitive Salary Package
  4. Job Security
  5. Opportunities for Further Education

Tips for Success as an OND Officer in the NIS

  • Develop Strong Communication Skills
  • Stay Updated on Policies and Procedures
  • Be Willing to Learn
  • Build Relationships
  • Embrace Challenges
  • Maintain Professionalism
  • Prioritize Time Management
  • Stay Committed
  • Seek Mentorship
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude

Steps to take in order to obtain an OND Rank in NIS

Step 1: Meet the Basic Requirements

Step 2: Prepare for Recruitment Examination

Step 3: Apply for Recruitment online

Step 4: Attend Recruitment Training

Step 5: Pass Out and Get Posted to a Duty Station

Step 6: Attend Further Training/Courses

Step 7: Demonstrate Good Performance

So now, What is the OND Rank In Immigration?

OND Rank In Immigration

OND Rank In Immigration is the rank which is given to those who joined the immigration Service with OND certificate. They are placed above those who joined the immigration Service with SSCE certificate and below those who joined the immigration Service with HND and BSC certificate holders.

National Diploma Rank In Immigration

The National diploma rank in Immigration is Assistant Inspector Of Immigration and they are paid about N95,000 as starting salary and the salary also increases as they increase in their years of service.

Please note that with this Qualification, you can’t attain the highest rank in the immigration Service. To get to the highest rank, you need to have HND, BSC or it’s equivalent.

Those who joined the immigration with HND or BSC are paid higher than those who joined with Higher Diploma. You can read about the immigration Service Salary For Graduates.

For those who also want to know how much is paid to all ranks in the Nigeria Immigration Service, we have also written a post about the immigration salary and ranks 2024.

If you want to join the Nigeria Immigration, we have written about how to join the Nigerian Immigration Service and the requirements needed.

Note that there are two categories within the Nigerian Immigration Service: Superintendents Cadre and Inspectorate Cadre. The Superintendents Cadre consists of officers who hold bachelor’s degrees or higher qualifications while the Inspectorate Cadre comprises officers with O’Level qualifications or equivalent.

Within these cadres, there are also sub-categories based on educational qualifications. For instance, an OND holder falls under Level 07 (Inspectorate), while HND (Higher National Diploma) holders fall under Level 08 (Superintendent). Therefore, as an OND holder seeking to join the Nigerian Immigration Service, you will be part of the Inspectorate Cadre at Level 07.

At this level, you will hold different ranks depending on your years of service and performance. These ranks include Assistant Superintendent II (ASI), Assistant Superintendent I (ASI), Deputy Superintendent III (DSIII ), and Deputy Superintendent II (DSII). Each rank comes with additional responsibilities and benefits, providing opportunities for career advancement within the organization.

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