HND Rank In Immigration And Salary 2024

HND Rank In Immigration and Salary is what we will be discussing in this post. HND which stands for Higher National Diploma is the type of Educational qualification you obtain after a four year program in any recognized Polytechnic in the country.

HND holders are always placed on the same level with BSC holders and their Salary difference is not much. The rank of HND holder in immigration is above that of the NCE Certificate holders, National Diploma holders and the SSCE certificate holders.

You can read about the NCE Rank In Immigration or check our previous post on the complete ranks and salary in the Nigeria Immigration Service. Now let’s go down to the rank given to the HND holders on completion of their training and how much which is also paid to them.

HND Rank In Immigration

HND Rank In Immigration

The HND Rank In Immigration is Senior Inspector Of Immigration (SSI). They are always placed at COMPASS 08. Please note that this is the starting rank of a HND certificate holder in immigration as they also upgrade in rank after some years of service.

HND Salary In Immigration

The HND Salary in Immigration is about N120,000 – N150,000 Depending on the years of service. Eg, A HND certificate holder who has been in service for about 4 years won’t be paid the same amount with the ones that are just starting the job.

Please note that this figures may likely be upgraded at any time and they are also estimated NIS HND Salary according to research. We will always update this post once there is any changes in the salary structure of the NIS HND holders.

For those who want to join the Nigeria Immigration Service with HND certificate, we have written a post about the Nigeria Immigration Recruitment 2024 and requirements needed.

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