Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria 2024

Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria 2024.

There are 36 states in Nigeria, many of those states are richer than each other. I know some people may not understand what we mean by being richer. Every state has their own way of making money that is generating revenue for themselves. Apart from the State budget which is always paid monthly to the State government, through tax and some other businesses, some states are richer than some others.

Now there are few things we will like to make you understand before listing the richest states in Nigeria 2024. There are some states that you may be thinking that they will make our list but unfortunately, you may not see them on our list because we have made our proper research and know which state is richer than each other.

Top 10 richest states in Nigeria

We all know that Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy country, all the states in Nigeria contribute to its economic growth. Many of the States in Nigeria are known for their commercial hustling, while some states are oil rich.

Many States in without even mentioning their names are known for their wealth and abundant opportunities. We we mean by abundant opportunities is that they have always create opportunity for those who are looking for jobs or works to do.

There are some states in Nigeria that are very beautiful and looks nice but they are not generating much revenue for themselves and because of that, you can’t count them as one of the richest. Some of the states are very small compared to others so because of that, they will be very simple to maintain. So any list Gistbriefly made below, it’s based on our research and what found out concerning the state.

Now, let’s look at the richest states in Nigeria presently.

Top 10 Richest States In Nigeria

1. Lagos State

The richest State in Nigeria 2024 is Lagos State. I believe that people will agree with me on this one because it’s obvious that almost everyone can see it.

Lagos State is known as the economic center of Nigeria that is the reason it takes the lead as the richest state in the country. Lagos State has a population of over 20 million people. One thing about Lagos State is that is a center for everything. What I mean by that is that Lagos is a home for different kinds of industries, including finance, real estate, entertainment, and telecommunications. It is home to multinational corporations, big markets, and a very big tech ecosystem, This alone has made this state a home for investment and job opportunities.

Sometimes many people who lives in Nigeria always believe that before you can make it to the fullest, you need to live in Lagos. Though this is not actually true but because of the economic status of the state, it is rated to be where everyone can make it very easily.

2. Rivers State

The number two on our list of the richest states in Nigeria is Rivers State. If you have being to Rivers State, you don’t even need to have a doubt about this state making it at number 2.

Rivers State is a state in Nigeria which is located in the Niger Delta region of the country, Rivers State is known for its reserves of oil and gas. Rivers State is one of the major oil producing states in Nigeria, and you know that Nigerian Economic system is up and doing because of the Oil production. So Rivers State contributes mostly to Nigeria’s revenue. Apart from the petroleum industry, Rivers State also has a very wide range of Agriculture sector, Rivers State is also known for cultivation of palm oil and cocoa.

3. Delta State

From this our number 3, some people may start having doubt about our list but we will give you proofs and fact to believe our list. Delta State is number 3 on our list of the richest states in Nigeria.
Delta State is another oil producing state in Nigeria. Apart from the Oil Production, Delta State is blessed with many other Natural resources.

Delta State is the home to one of Nigeria’s largest oil refineries in Nigeria and this contributes a lot to the country’s petroleum industry. Delta State is also home of Agriculture. In Delta State, You can get crops like cassava, yam. Another part of Agriculture that is boasting the Countries Economy is fish farming. Delta State produces 30% of fishes which is Generally consumed in the Country.

4. Oyo State

The number 4 on our list of the richest states in Nigeria is Oyo State. But do you know the most funny part of this state? The funny part is that many people don’t even know the state by it’s name. They call it using the Capital name which is Ibadan.

Oyo State is located in southwestern Nigeria, Oyo State is is known for its agricultural Strength in the country. The state is recognized for its production of cash crops like cocoa, palm oil, and rubber.

Apart from that, Oyo State also has a growing industrial sector. What this means is that Oyo State has many manufacturing companies operating in the state such as textiles companies, beverages companies, and furniture companies.

5. Imo State

Another State on our list is Imo State. Imo State Made our list at number 5 of the richest states in Nigeria. I know some people will be asking questions on what made this state one of the richest states in Nigeria. Don’t worry, I will explain in details.

Imo State is a state that is located in the southeastern part of the country, Imo State is one of the state in Nigeria that has many industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, and hospitality. Imo State is said to be the state with highest hotels in Nigeria after Lagos State.

Imo state is also home to many natural resources, including crude oil, natural gas, limestone, and zinc. I know that some don’t know that some of those natural resources mentioned above are found in the state but through this our article, we believe you know now.

6. Kano State

This list would have not been complete is Kano state was not mentioned. Kano State is the first Northern State on our list of the richest States in Nigeria. Kano State made our list at number 6. Kano State is another state that has a very large number of men. One of the reason is because the State is very rich so many northerners from different states always migrate to this state in the quest of searching for better life.

Kano State is located in northern Nigeria as we said earlier, It is one of the major commercial and industrial state in Nigeria. Kano State is Known for their textile industry, Kano State produces fabrics that are marketed to both local and international markets.

Apart from that, Kano state is also popular in manufacturing, agriculture, and trade, and because of this, The state is one of the richest states in the country.

7. Ogun State

The number 7 on our list of the richest states in Nigeria is Ogun State. You may be wondering why but let me explain why. Firstly, Ogun State which is located in the south western part of the country.  Ogun State is popularly known as “the Gateway State.” The main reason why this state is recognized as one of the richest states in Nigeria is because of the industrial districts.

Being an Industrial districts simply means that the state is a home of mani major factories, which includes Dangote Cement factory, Lafarge Cement Factory which is located in Ewekoro, Nestlé, Memmcol which is also located in Orimerunmu, Coleman Cables also located in Sagamu and Arepo.

Without explaininh further, with the factories we mentioned above, you will understand that Ogun State’s economy is primarily gotten from sectors such as cement factories, food processing facilities factories, breweries, plastic factories, rubber factories, aluminum factories, and paint manufacturing factories.

Ogun state is also rich in Agriculture and it contributes to Ogun State’s GDP. In Ogun State, You can find crops like rice, palm Oil, cocoa, maize, cassava, yam, plantains, tobacco, and cotton.

Apart from Ogun State being an agricultural state, There are many other mineral resources which can be found in the state such as limestone, chalk, phosphate, and clay. Ogun State is on of the best state you can live in even without having enough money because life is cheap because of their agricultural practices.

8. Kaduna State

Believe it or leave it, Kaduna State is one of the richest State in Nigeria. Many people who lives in the states can testify to the facts am going to be dropping on the reason why this state is on our list of the richest states in Nigeria.

Kaduna State is a state which is also located in Northern part of the country just like Kano State. Infact, Kaduna State shares a boundary with Kano State. One of the major reason why this state made our list is because of Agriculture. Agriculture is the state’s Economic Primary Contributor.

Kaduna State is also one of the leading producer of cotton in Nigeria, when it comes to Agriculture, Kaduna state is good in cultivating crops like yam, tobacco, beans, millets, rice, ginger, potatoes, and cassava.

Some people may not also know that Kaduna State also have a refinery, though it’s not working presently but it also contributed to the growth of the State.

Another thing you should know about Kaduna state is that they has over 300 manufacturing companies which is mostly textiles, food, and cattle.

When you talk about the Northern Nigeria, Kaduna State is the second richest after Kano State. Kaduna State is also known for Animal husbandry and it is another strong contributor to the states economy. These husbandry includes poultry, goats, sheeps, and pigs.

We can’t finish talking about Kaduna state without mentioning the Natural resources which can be found in the State. One good thing about Nigeria is that you must find one natural resources in each state.

Kaduna State natural resources include gold, clay, graphite, asbestos, serpentine, amethyst, kyanite, and sillimanite graphite. Kaduna state is also good in the education sector, They are the state with the most federal universities in Nigeria that is why they are regarded as center of learning.

9. Edo State

The Number 8 on our list of the richest states in Nigeria is Edo State. Edo State is a State Which is located in the southwest part of Nigeria, Edo State was established on  27th day of August, 1991.

As you can see from the year of establishment, the state is not even among the oldest state in Nigeria but why is it among the richest states in Nigeria, don’t worry as we will also make you understand the reason why it is one of the richest states in Nigeria.

Edo State is situated near the center of the ancient Benin kingdom. Edo State is one of the states in Nigeria that Produces Crude oil, The production of Crude oil alone contributes to strong Economy of the state.

Apart from the production of Oil, Their main source of revenue is Agriculture. Edo state produces crops like cassava, yams, palm oil, rice, and maize. These crops mentioned above serves as subsistence crops. while they also have rubber and lumber as their primary income crops.

Edo state is one of the states in Nigeria which is known for having many manufacturing industries.

10. Akwa-Ibom State

The number 9 on our list of the richest states in Nigeria is Akwa-Ibom State. I know you will like to know how they made the list. Don’t worry we will also go in details as we have always been doing it. Akwa-Ibom State is located Southern part of the country. To Shock you, Akwa-Ibom is the 3rd largest producer of oil and gas in Nigeria, and with this alone, you don’t need to be asking questions on how this state made this list.

Apart from that, the State is also one of the state in Nigeria that can strongly boast of Agriculture. They mainly base in some agricultural products like palm oil, yams, rubber, corn, cassava, and rice, The state is also one of the states in Nigeria that Produces about 15% of the fishes consumed in the country because the state is it also surrounded by waters.

Akwa-Ibom has many water resources and many forest because of the location which is Niger Delta. This has made it one of Nigeria’s richest states because the rivers provide fertile ground for growing of crops and at the same time for fishing.

Bonus State. Anambra State

The last on our list of the richest State in Nigeria is Anambra State. Anambra State is the second Southeastern state after imo state we are mentioning on this list. I know some people may have asked questions if Anambra State was not included on this list. But truth be told, Anambra state is one of the richest states in Nigeria.

Anambra State is located in southeastern part of Nigeria as we said earlier. Anambra state is the state that has the lowest rate of poverty in Nigeria. Anambr state’s capital is Awka but the city of Onitsha is more popular the the State Capital. Onitsha is one of the most populous cities in Nigeria.

Anambra State is said to be rich in natural gas, ceramics, crude oil and bauxite. Anambra state also have enough lands which is being used for agriculture. One good thing about the lands in Anambra state is the over 100% of the land is cultivable. Fishing, farming and business are essential economic activities in Anambra state.

Anambra State became one of the richest states in Nigeria in 2006 with the establishment of Orient Petroleum Refinery. This Refinery is the Nigeria’s first private refinery. After the Establishment of the Refinery, Later in the year 2012, Anambra State became an oil producing state. This was made possible because of the sitting governor the who is Mr Peter obi and Orient Petroleum. Presently, Anambra state is said to have about 14 oil wells and it can produce about 120,000 barrels of crude oil every day.

We have not even talked about Innoson Automotive. Innoson Automotive is a vehicle company which is located in Nnewi Anambra State. They Produces different kinds of vehicles which is even exported to other countries. Also, There is an establishment of international Breweries PLC in Onitsha Anambra state where drinks like Hero, Beta Malt, Grand Malt and few others are produced.

When you talk about business in the whole west Africa, Onitsha must be mentioned and because of that, they are gradually increasing the states internal revenue.Anambra State has the majority of financial institutions, which includes the Nigerian Stock Exchange and this also helps in boosting the position of the state as one of richest states in Nigeria.

Many people may ask what about FCT? FCT is not a state in Nigeria but the Federal Capital. If we are to include FCT on this list, they will be at number 4 on our list but it’s not included.

The list above are the richest states in Nigeria presently.

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