Nigerian Immigration Salary 2024, (NIS) Ranks And Allowances

Nigerian Immigration Salary 2024, (NIS) Ranks And Allowances. The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) is one of the most important paramilitary organizations in Nigeria. Apart from ensuring the security of Nigerian borders, the NIS also plays a major role in the country’s economy. In this article, we will take a look at the NIS Salary Per Month 2024. We will also examine the ranks and allowances of the NIS officers.

What is the Meaning and work of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS)?

The Nigerian Immigration Service also known as NIS is a government agency that is responsible for the management of immigration in Nigeria. The agency is charged with ensuring that all persons who wish to enter or leave the country do so in accordance with the law. In addition to its regulatory functions, the Nigerian Immigration Service also provides a number of other services, such as visa issuance and processing, passport issuance and renewal, and national identity card processing. The agency employs thousands of workers in a wide range of positions.

What are the ranks in the Nigerian Immigration Service?

The Nigerian Immigration Service has a rank structure that looks like that of the Nigerian Armed Forces. There are seven ranks in the NIS, starting with the rank of “Immigration Assistant” and ending with the rank of “Commissioner of Immigration”. The rank of “Deputy Inspector-General of Immigration” is the highest rank in the Nigerian Immigration Service. Officers in the Nigeria Immigration Service are paid monthly salaries and allowances, which are based on their rank and years of service. NIS Salary in Nigeria is what many people have wanted to know that’s why we decided to write this article on the Nigerian immigration salary after making our research.

Below are the complete ranks in the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Nigerian Immigration Service Ranks

  • Superintendent of Immigration
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration
  • Inspector of Immigration
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration
  • Chief Inspector of Immigration
  • Assistant Director of Immigration
  • Deputy Director of Immigration
  • Director of Immigration

NIS Salary Per Month

Now that we have listed the ranks in the Nigerian Immigration Service, let’s then look at the NIS Salary Per Month. The monthly salary of each rank in the Nigerian Immigration Service is as follows:

Nigerian Immigration Salary

Nigerian Immigration Service Salary And Ranks

  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration is paid N200,000 monthly.
  • Deputy Superintendent of Immigration collects N190,000 monthly.
  • Superintendent of Immigration receives N180,000 monthly.
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration is paid N170,000,
  • Inspector of Immigration receives N160,000 monthly
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration- N150,000 monthly and Junior
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration- N140,000.

Nigeria Immigration Allowance

Officers in the Nigerian Immigration are entitled to certain allowances which includes

  • Housing Allowance
  • Training Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Special Duty Allowance
  • Medical Allowance

How to join the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Now that we have explained the NIS Salary Per Month and the NIS Ranks, let’s talk about how to join the service. To become a member of the Nigerian Immigration Service, you must fulfill certain requirements. These include being a Nigerian citizen, being of good character, and having a good educational background. You must also be between the ages of 18 and 35. The next step is to take the qualifying examination, which is usually held twice a year. If you pass the exam, you will then be invited to attend an interview. If you are successful, you will go for the Nigerian Immigration Service Training.

Those who are successful after the training will become immigration officers. Please note that those on training are not entitled to this salary and they also have no rank until they graduate from training. Those who are on training are paid some allowance to keep up with training but it is referred to as NIS training allowance. You can read about the Nigeria Immigration training allowance 2024.

The Nigerian Immigration Service is responsible for the management and administration of Nigeria’s borders.


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