NSCDC Training Allowance 2024 And Duration

NSCDC Training Allowance 2024 and Duration in Nigeria.

How Much Will You Receive as NSCDC student undergoing training? Before we discuss about the Civil Defence training allowance, Let’s first understand their work and role in the country.

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is responsible for the protection of life and property in Nigeria. Please note that this Paramilitary Organization is different from the Nigeria Police but their work always looks familiar sometimes and they mostly work hand in hand.

One of the ways they protect life and property in Nigeria is by providing training to their personnels. If you are you want to join the NSCDC, you may be wondering how much the training allowance. In this post, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the NSCDC training allowance in Nigeria.

NSCDC Training Allowance

We will only be talking about the civil Defence training allowances and training duration in this post as we have previously written about the NSCDC Salary and ranks for those who want to know how much will be paid to you once you graduate from training.

Civil Defence Training Allowance

The Civil Defence training allowance is a sum of money that is paid to personnel who are undergoing training with the NSCDC. The allowance is designed to support the trainees during their training.

NSCDC Training Allowance 2024

The NSCDC training allowance is currently about 10,000 to 30,000 Naira (NGN) per month depending on your qualification. The HND and BSC holders are paid higher than the ND and SSCE certificate holders.

Please one thing you should note is that as the name implies “Civil Defence training allowance”, it is a training allowance and will stop immediately you finish your training as they will commence paying you Salary.

If you wish to join the NSCDC, we have written an article on how to join the NSCDC and requirements needed.

NSCDC Training Duration

The NSCDC Training duration for SSCE holders is about six months and 12 months for the HND and BSC holders.

The Nigeria Civil Defence training allowance has been unchanged for some years now, also note that this post will be updated immediately there is any update on the civil Defence training allowance. The NSCDC training allowance is higher than most of other Paramilitary agencies. You can read about the highest paid Paramilitary organizations in Nigeria as civil Defence is one of the highest paid.

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