BSC Rank In Immigration And Salary 2024

BSC Rank In Immigration And Salary 2024. BSC which means bachelor of science is type of Educational qualification you get after completion of your Science course from any recognized University in the country. Those who have BSC certificate are to earn well in any job or career they start from it’s one the highest qualification you can get.

Now talking about BSC Rank In Immigration, it’s one of the question many BSC holders who are interested in joining the immigration Service do ask. In this post we will explain everything you need to know about the BSC certificate holders in the immigration Service including how to join, ranks and Salary.

Please note that this post will only be for immigration BSC rank. If you want to know about the HND rank in immigration, we have previously written a post about the HND Rank and Salary in Immigration Service. If you also want to know how much is also paid to the NCE certificate holder in Immigration, we have also written a post about the NCE Rank In Immigration Service and salary. To see the complete ranks and Salary in the Nigeria Immigration Service, we have also written a post about the Nigeria Immigration Ranks and Salary with allowances.

BSC Rank In Immigration

One other thing to note is that the BSC Rank and Salary in Immigration is that the rank will only be given to you when you graduate and become Officer in the Nigeria Immigration Service. If you are still under training, you can only be paid training allowance. You can read about the Nigeria Immigration training allowance.

BSC Rank In Immigration

The BSC Rank in Immigration is Assistant Superintendent Of Immigration II (ASI – 2). They are always placed at COMPASS 08 just like the HND certificate holders.

Note that this rank is just for BSC holders who are not Professionals. Professionals are placed at Higher level than those who are not Professionals. What we mean by professionals is people like Doctors, Pharmacist who are already practicing.

We have previously written a post about the NIS Salary Per Month where we explained everything about it. You can refer to the post to learn more.

Now let’s talk about the Salary of BSC In Immigration. How much a BSC is paid in the Immigration Service.

BSC Salary In Immigration

BSC Salary in Immigration is about about N140,000 – N180,000. Please note that professionals with BSC certificate are paid up to N300,000 monthly.

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