NDLEA Salary Structure 2024 and Ranks

NDLEA Salary Structure 2024 and Ranks. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is a Federal Agency in Nigeria that was established in 1990. The Agency was created with the responsibility of fighting drug abuse and trafficking in Nigeria.

The agency was formed in 1989 and later established in 1990 and is headquartered in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The NDLEA is headed by a chairman who is assisted by a deputy chairman. The chairmanship is a political appointment made by the president of Nigeria. The deputy chairman is appointed by the chairman and must be a senior officer of the NDLEA.

The agency has five Zonal Commands, each commanded by a zonal commander. These commands are divided into nineteen regions, each headed by a regional commander. Before we go down to the NDLEA Salary structure, Let’s first see the ranks available in NDLEA.

NDLEA Salary Structure


The lowest rank in the NDLEA is that of an agent, followed by senior agent, superintendent, assistant superintendent, deputy commander, commander, and finally chairman.

The ranks of officers in the NDLEA are also based on grade levels. The table below shows the ranks of officers and their corresponding grade levels.

  • Agent
  • Senior Agent
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Deputy Commender
  • Commander
  • Chairman

NDLEA Salary Structure And Ranks

Like every other Federal Government Agency, the NDLEA has a salary structure which determines the pay grades and ranks of its officers and employees. The current salary structure was put in place in 2012 and is still the same in 2023. The salary structure has 19 grades, with the highest being grade level 17 and the lowest being grade level 1.

The annual salary for NDLEA B.SC holders Grade Level 8 Step 1 is about ₦1,005,905  That is about ₦90,000 monthly while Grade Level 8 Step 2 is about ₦1,029,857 That is about ₦92,000 monthly. Please note that this Includes all allowances. Other senior officers salary are yet to be confirmed and will be updated immediately once confirmed.

The NDLEA salary structure is based on grade levels, with each grade level carrying a certain salary range.

If you are interested in joining NDLEA, We have written an article on the NDLEA Recruitment 2024 and requirements.  make sure you visit their website for more information on the current salary structure and available recruitment.

The most obvious benefit is the salary. NDLEA agents are one of the highest-paid Paramilitary Organization in Nigeria

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