SSCE Rank In Immigration And Salary 2024

The SSCE Rank In Immigration and Salary which is paid to them is the one of the questions those who wish to join the Nigerian Immigration Service do ask. The Nigeria Immigration Service is one the best Paramilitary organization in Nigeria Presently as they offer one of the best recruitment and also pay better salary more than other paramilitary agencies in Nigeria.

According to recent research in 2024, The Nigeria Immigration Service is the highest paid Paramilitary organization in Nigeria Presently. You can check our previous post about the highest paid Paramilitary organization in Nigeria and see how they are graded. The Nigeria Immigration Service Salary is expected to be high since they are the highest paid among other paramilitary organizations.

SSCE Rank In Immigration

So which rank is given to Immigration Service SSCE Holder? Let’s find out from the explanation below.

SSCE Rank In Immigration

The SSCE Rank In Immigration is Passport Officer. Please note that this is the Starting salary of SSCE Holder. As the years of service increases, also the same way the in rank increases. Note that SSCE certificate holder can’t attain to the rank which is meant for HND certificate holder.

You can read about the Immigration rank for HND Certificate holders. Now let’s talk a little about the Nigeria Immigration Service Salary as we have previously written a post about the Immigration Salary For SSCE Holder.

So how much is paid to Immigration SSCE certificate holders?

SSCE Salary In Immigration Salary is between N45,000 to N90,000 monthly. As we explained earlier, the N45,000 is the starting salary as the salary tends to increase as the years of service increases. The increment can grow up to N90,000 monthly as long as you serve for long period of time.

Please note that the immigration Service also have Allowance meant for SSCE certificate holders. You can read about the immigration Ranks, Salary and Allowances.

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