EFCC Recruitment Salary 2024 And Ranks

Efcc recruitment salary and ranks. EFCC which means Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is a government agency which is in charge of fighting crimes and corruption in the country. They are an organization which looks like ICPC which also flights corruption at a lower level. You can read about the difference between EfCC and ICPC so that you don’t mistake EfCC for ICPC. The article has already been written by Gistbriefly.

Now talking about the EFCC recruitment salary, it is the amount which is paid to EfCC Recruits after training.

If you looking for the EFCC training allowance, that is the money paid to EfCC Recruits who are still under training, you can check out our post on the EFCC training allowance 2024. There we explained exact amount which is paid to any training level you are, be it SSCE certificate holders, NCE, ND, HND and BSC or Equivalent. Now let’s talk about the EFCC recruitment salary 2024 and ranks.

Efcc Recruitment Salary

EFCC Ranks

The EFCC Ranks is divided into 3 major groups

  • The Detective Superintendent.
  • Detective Inspectorate
  • Detective Assistant Cadres of the Cadets.

Apart from the groups which the ranks is divided into, the EFCC also have Division which is different from the groups in the Rank.
Below is the complete EfCC divisions

1. The Administrative Division

2. The Capacity Development Division

3. The Research and Publication Division

4. The Networking and Collaboration Division

5. The Certificate Courses Division

6. The Cadets Division

Now let’s explain how the EFCC Ranks works. The Entry-level staff at EFCC which are those who have just been recruited by EFCC agency typically stay in the position for only two years; after that, they are usually promoted.

EFCC Recruitment salary and ranks are very simple; rankings are usually arranged by years of service. However, in order to advance in this institution and be promoted to the next rank, You must be dynamic, hardworking, conscientious and disciplined.

Efcc Recruitment Salary 2024

An entry level staff with the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) earns about ₦158,000 as salary, while the EFCC pays a graduate assistant a salary of about ₦201,075 as normal pay rate on a monthly basis. A deputy detective which is of a higher rank at the commission receives about ₦245,000 as monthly salary.

EFCC Recruitment

For those who are interested in joining the EFCC, EFCC Recruitment 2024 starting date has not been announced. You can always check for the EFCC recruitment form at the EFCC application portal (, requirements and how to apply for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, and every details about EFCC Recruitment 2024 which you need to know.

EFCC recruitment forms can only be accessed through the EFCC recruitment website. This website contains essential guidelines that will need before you can be recruited into the EFCC.

Currently, the EFCC 2024 recruitment form is coming out and the recruitment has not started yet. Reliable sources indicate that EFCC will soon start a massive recruitment, Then the portal will be open and applications will be accepted. Submission deadlines have not yet been announced at the time of publication.

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