Immigration Salary For SSCE Holder 2024

Immigration Salary For SSCE Holder 2024. This post is particularly for those who are SSCE certificate holders who have passion in joining the Nigeria Immigration Service. The Nigeria Immigration Service is a Paramilitary agency in Nigeria in charge of issuing visa and passport and other cases related to immigrants. As an SSCE holder in immigration, you don’t expect to earn much as it is the least qualifications that can get you to the job.

For those who don’t know what SSCE Stands for, it’s known as Secondary School Certificate Examination. It is the qualification you get on completion of your Secondary School. It can be WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB. Now let’s go down and explain the immigration salary for Secondary School Certificate Examination Holder.

Immigration Salary For SSCE Holder

Immigration Salary For SSCE Holder

The Immigration Salary For SSCE Holder Is between N45,000 to N90,000. Please note that there are different ranks in the immigration Service that is meant for SSCE holders. So as you grow in rank, so your salary also grow. So, The Starting salary for SSCE certificate holder in the Nigeria Immigration Service is about N45,000 while those who have served for a long time can receive up to N90,000.

Please note that those who join the immigration Service with SSCE are the least paid in the Immigration Service. You can read about the Immigration Salary For Graduate. You can also read about the immigration salary for National diploma (ND) There you will also notice that SSCE is the least least paid.

When you join the Immigration Service with SSCE, you will start with the rank of passport Officers before you can be promoted to the next rank. You can read about the complete ranks and Salary in the Nigeria Immigration Service.

For those who are interested in joining the Nigerian Immigration Service, we have previously written a post on Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment 2024 and Requirements.

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