NIS Salary Per Month 2024 (Nigeria Immigration)

When some people hear about NIS, they tend not to know the meaning or what it stands for. But I believe before you come to this page, you already know the meaning of NIS and it’s functions only that you want to aquire knowledge about how much is paid to NIS Officers monthly. For those who don’t know the meaning of NIS and it’s functions, let’s first explain it briefly before we go down to the NIS Salary Per Month in the year 2024.

What Is NIS?

The full meaning of NIS is Nigeria Immigration Service. The Nigeria Immigration Service is a Paramilitary organization in Nigeria responsible for immigration in Nigeria and issuing visa and passport. The Nigeria Immigration Service is also the highest paid Paramilitary organization in Nigeria.

NIS Salary Per Month

Now that you understand what NIS stands for and it’s functions, it’s time to look at the NIS Salary Per Month in 2024.

NIS Salary Per Month

The NIS Salary Per Month ranges from from N45,000 – N300,000. This is because there are several ranks in the NIS and their Salaries varies depending on the rank.

For example, A passport officer who is the lowest rank in the in the NIS Non commissioned Officers is paid about N45,000 monthly while the highest rank in the NIS Non Commissioned Officer is paid about N90,000 monthly.

The Lowest Rank in the NIS Commissioned Officers which is Assistant superintendent of Immigration is paid about N150,000 monthly while the highest rank is paid about N300,000 monthly.

Please note that there are also some allowances that is attached to the NIS Salary Per Month which we have made mentioned of when we wrote about the Nigeria Immigration Service Ranks, Salary and Allowances.

Also note that those who are on training to become NIS Officers are not paid Salary, they are only entitled to NIS Training Allowance. We have previously written a post about the Nigeria Immigration training allowance.

The figure we mentioned above is currently what to expect when you join the NIS as Salary per month.

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