Civil Defence Salary For NCE Holder 2024 And ND

Civil Defence Salary For NCE Holder. If you are NCE Holder and you want to join NSCDC, you may be wondering how much you will be paid as monthly salary, wonder no more, Gistbriefly will explain everything you need to know about NCE Salary in NSCDC. Also note that will also throw a little light on the civil Defence Salary For ND Holders.

NSCDC Salary For NCE Holder

Please note that NSCDC Salary For NCE Holder is different from Civil Defence salary for SSCE holders and civil Defence Salary For Degree Holder. We have written an article on those two, so you can feel free to check them out.

Civil Defence Salary For NCE Holder

Before we explain further, let’s first understand the work of civil Defence and their role. NSCDC also known as Nigerian security and Civil Defence Corps is a Paramilitary organization in Nigeria responsible for the protection of lives and property of the citizens just like the Nigerian Police.

They are always deployed alongside the Nigerian Police. Mostly in the Niger Delta, they are always deployed to secure the pipelines alongside other security agencies. Now let’s talk about the Salary paid to those that joined the NSCDC with NCE.

Civil Defence Salary For NCE Holder

NCE Certificate holder in Civil Defence is always placed at level 6 and is paid about #100,000 as monthly Salary. The more they are promoted, the more their salary grows.

Now what of the ND Holders? ND Holders also known as national diploma is almost the same with the NCE, they are a step ahead of the NCE Certificate holders.

Civil Defence Salary For ND Holder

Civil Defence Salary For ND Holder is about #110,000. They are always placed at level 7 once they join.

Please note that the above figures can change at anytime, but also note that we will always keep you updated. Feel free to ask questions using the comment box below.

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