HND Rank In Custom And Salary 2024

HND Rank In Custom And Salary 2024.

The Nigeria Customs service is one of most important paramilitary organization in Nigeria which has been in existence even before the Nigerian Independence. They are the Paramilitary agency which is in charge of collecting Customs duty and also fights illegal smuggling of materials into the country.

The Custom service is also one of the highest paid Paramilitary organization in Nigeria as at the time of writing this article.

HND Rank In Custom

One good thing about the Custom service is that the take every qualifications whenever they are recruiting for positions in the service. What I mean is that No matter your qualification you can still join the Nigeria Custom service, Just that you may be given lower rank and Paid lesser than those who are gradates. We have previously written an article about the BSC Rank in Custom and their Salaries. So now the question is What is the HND Rank in Custom? Read on as we explain everything below.

HND Rank In Custom

HND Rank in Custom is Deputy Superintendent of Customs. Please note that this is also the starting rank of the BSC holders.

Now I know some people will be wondering why the BSC and HND rank is the same in the Nigeria Customs service, Now let me explain better.

The reason is because in the year 2017, The Nigeria Customs Service removed the dichotomy between Higher National Diploma which is so known as HND and Bachelor’s degree which is also known as BSC. This simply means that both qualifications is the same in the Nigeria Custom service and they are given the same rank in the point of entering the commission.

HND Salary In Custom

HND Salary In Custom ranges from ₦1,234,027 – ₦1,552,03 yearly. Note that the salary is paid based on your years of service on that rank. And please note that this is just the starting salary for the HND holders in the customs service. As you grow in rank, that’s the same way your salary increases.

If you want to see the complete ranks and Salary of the Nigeria Customs Service, you can refer to our previous post on the Nigeria Custom service salary 2024, Ranks and Allowances.

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