BSC Rank In Custom And Salary 2024

BSC Rank in Custom. The Nigerian Custom service is the Paramilitary agency in Nigeria which is in charge of the collection of customs revenue, Facilitation of both national and international trade, anti-smuggling and security activities.

The Custom service is one of the best Paramilitary organization in Nigeria. Apart from being one of the best Paramilitary agency in Nigeria, It is also one of the highest paid Paramilitary agency in Nigeria.

BSC Rank in custom

Now talking about the BSC Ranks in the Nigeria Custom service, The Nigeria Custom recruits gradates and non graduates almost every year to join their commission. So those gradates are those that joined the service using BSC certificate or HND certificate.

So in this post, we will only be discussing about the BSC Rank In Custom as the rank which is given to those who joined using HND, ND and SSCE is all different from each other. You can read on our previous post on the Nigeria Custom Salary 2024, Ranks and Allowances.

BSC Rank In Custom

BSC Rank in Custom is Deputy Superintendent of Customs. Please note that this is the starting rank of BSC holders in the Nigeria Customs service as they also grow in rank up to Assistant Comptroller General of custom which is the highest rank in the customs service. You can read our previous article on the Nigeria Custom Service Ranks to see the complete ranks in the Nigeria Custom. Now let’s go to the BSC salary in Custom.

BSC Salary In Custom

BSC Salary in Custom is between ₦1,234,027 – ₦1,552,03 yearly depending on your years of service on the rank. Please note that this is the starting salary of BSC holders in the Nigeria Custom service and the salary increases as they grow in rank. The highest rank in the Nigeria Custom service can receive up to ₦3,262,288 – ₦4,474,560 yearly and this also depends on years of service.

We previously wrote about the custom service complete Salary and Allowance which is paid to them. You can refer to the post to about the complete Salary of the custom Officers.

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