GIGM Price List 2024 And Terminals

Welcome to in this post, we will be discussing about the God is Good Motors Price List and their terminals. When it comes to motor transportation, GIGM which means God is good motors is one of the best transportation company in Nigeria. GIGM has many terminals in Nigeria and each of them is always filled up with travelers. GIGM has been in existence for many years, many transportation company who started before GIGM or after them has ceased to exist but GIGM is still in the game of transportation. Now let’s talk about the GIGM Price List in 2024.

God Is Good Motors Price List 2024

The GIGM Price List is also one of the best price list when compared to some other transportation company in Nigeria. In this post, will be discussing about the GIGM Price List and the terminals also.

GIGM Price List

Please note that the GIGM Price List Changes each day, but we promise to always keep you updated on the current price list immediately there is any changes on the price list.

GIGM Price List And Terminals

Lagos to –

Abuja (Utako)Regular: N12,000 First Class: N14,000
Anambra (Awka)Regular: N9,500 First Class: N10,500
Imo (Owerri)Regular: N9,500 First Class: N10,200
Rivers (Port Harcourt $ Tai LGA Camp)Regular: N10,500 First Class: N11,500
Abia (Umuahia, Bende LGA Camp, & Aba)Regular: Not available First Class: N11,100
Enugu (Enugu & Nsukka)Regular: N9,500 First Class: N10,600
Delta (Warri, Anocha & Asaba)Regular: N8,900 First Class: N10,000
Edo (Auchi, Akpakpeva, Uselu & Ekpoma)Regular: N7,500 First Class: N9,500
Akwa Ibom (Uyo)Regular: N9,500 First Class 13,500
Kaduna (Kaduna & Abuja Road Camp)Regular: N11,500 First Class: N13,500

FCT Abuja to –

Lagos (Ajah, Akowonjo, Cele/Okota, Festac, Ikotun, Iyana Ipaja, Jibowu, Old Ojo Road, Oyinbo, & Volks)Regular: N11,500 First Class: N 12,500
Imo (Owerri)Regular: N9,500 First Class: N10,500
Enugu (Enugu & Nsukka)Regular: N8,500 First Class: N10,500
Rivers (Port Harcourt)Regular: N10,900 First Class: N12,500
Delta (Warri & Asaba)Regular: N8,700 First Class: N10,500
Anambra (Awka)Regular: N9,500 First Class: N10,500
Edo (Akpakpava, Uselu & Ekpoma)Regular: N8,500 First Class: N9,900
Abia (Umuahia & Aba)Regular: N10,900 First Class: N13,500

Edo to –

LagosRegular: N6,800 First Class: N7,500
FCT AbujaRegular: N8,900 First Class: N9,500

Imo State to –

LagosRegular: N7,700 First Class: N8,900
AbujaRegular: N8,900 First Class: N11,900

Anambra to –

LagosRegular: N6,900 First Class: N9,600
AbujaRegular: N6,900 First Class: N7,900

Akwa Ibom to –

LagosRegular: N9,500 First Class: N11,500
FCT AbujaRegular: N9,700 First Class: N11,900

Bayelsa (Yenogoa) to –

LagosRegular: N6,900 First Class: N7,900
FCT AbujaRegular: N7,900 First Class: N9,700

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