First Bank Transfer Code For Mobile Banking (USSD)

If you are searching for the First Bank transfer code or USSD Code for mobile banking, you have come to the right place. In this post, we’ll provide you with the code, as well as a steps on how to use it the same way we wrote about the UBA transfer code

What is the First Bank USSD code?

The First Bank USSD code is *894#. This code can be used to do many banking transactions without visiting the bank.

This is the code you will need to use when you want to transfer money from your First Bank account to another bank account. Keep in mind that this code only works for transfers between First Bank accounts and other Nigerian banks. If you are transferring money to a bank outside of Nigeria, You need to use a different code. Also, Make sure to have your account number and the other bank’s account number ready when you want to start the transfer.

First Bank Transfer Code

First Bank Transfer Code

How to transfer money with First Bank Transfer code

First Bank Nigeria has made transferring money easier with their First Bank Transfer Code. The First Bank transfer code can be used to transfer money from your First Bank account to any other bank account in Nigeria.

To use the the first Bank transfer code, just dial *894# on your phone and follow the prompts. You will need to have your bank account number and the recipient’s bank account number. The First Bank Transfer Code is a simple way to transfer money without going to the bank.

How to buy airtime with First Bank USSD code

To buy airtime with the First Bank Mobile Banking code, simply follow these steps:

  • Dial *894# on your phone.
  • Scroll down to”buy airtime”
  • Indicate if it’s self or for others
  • If it’s for others, input the phone number you wish to recharge and send
  • Put the amount you want to recharge
  • Put your transaction pin
  • Click send and wait. You will be notified immediately the transaction is successful.

How to check First Bank account balance with code

To check your First Bank account balance with the code, simply dial *894*00# on your phone. You will then be prompted to enter your transaction pin, after which you will see your account balance on your phone.

How to pay bills with First Bank USSD code

You can use the First Bank USSD Code to pay your bills without having to go to the bank. Simply dial *894# on your phone and scroll down to “pay bills”, select the bill you want to pay for and send. You will be charged how much the bill is worth and it will be successful. The amount you entered will be the amount of the bill you are paying, Also note that there may be charges for each bill.

How to do other transactions with First Bank USSD code

The First Bank USSD Code For Mobile Banking is also used to carry out other transactions such as checking account balance, changing ATM pin, and more.

For more information on how to use the First Bank Transfer Code For Mobile Banking (USSD), please visit First Bank Website

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