Is Opay Legit? Opay Review 2024 (Legit Or Scam)

Is Opay Legit? Many people who deal with online banking are familiar with this online banking called Opay. Opay has been in existence for so long but it get to a certain extent where many people started having doubt if Opay is legit or scam. That’s why is writing this review about the Opay Online Banking whether if it’s legit or not.

Before we discuss if this online bank called Opay bis legit or not, let me first let you know the reason why some people are worried if it’s legit.

Firstly, Opay does not charge transaction fees. All of knows that each of every bank close to us always charge transaction fees anytime you are making transactions. But in the cash of Opay, it’s not the same. Opay will only deduct the amount you transferred and nothing like transaction fees. Not just that, Opay also gives cashbacks on airtime recharges, It simply means that you can get a recharge card worth 500 naira for 400 naira using Opay.

Is Opay Legit

Secondly, Opay issues it’s customers free debit cards. This is another reason why some people are afraid of this particular online banking. They give send debit cards to their customers in their home address without any extra charges. This ATM card is what many Nigerian Banks will charge you not Less than one thousand Naira before they can be able to issue you the card.

Lastly, Opay Online Banking doesn’t have physical branches. This simply means that you can’t find their branches in your area as they don’t operate like other normal banks you know about. Because of this many people are afraid of them. Some even went ahead to ask questions like, If something happens to my funds in my Opay account, where will I meet them close to me if not online? The answer is they operate mostly only and can only be reached online. Now let’s go down to the main topic which is, Is Opay Legit?

Is Opay Legit?

Opay is a Legit Online Banking which is operating under BlueRidge Microfinance Bank and it is also licenced by the central bank of Nigeria. Opay is also Insured by NDIC and has over 18 million users already.

So when you want to enjoy flexibility when it comes to online banking, you can try out Opay as they are one of the best when it comes to online banking. Many people who are yet to be familiar with digital banking are always the ones who ask questions concerning many online banks.

Please note that we are giving this review based on our own experience using their services. If you have any doubt about this particular online banking, feel free to share your thoughts using the comment section below. We will be glad to discuss about it.

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