Nigerian Navy Ranks And Salary 2024 (Updated)

Nigerian Navy Ranks And Salary 2024 (Updated). Many people who wants to join the Nigerian Navy sometimes wish to know how much is paid to Naval Officers. This post is based on the latest figures from the Nigerian Navy, and we’ll keep it up to date as more information becomes available. The Nigerian navy is a branch of the military responsible for naval operations. Just like in any other military, the Nigerian navy has a rank structure that dictates the level of its personnel. The Nigerian Navy is one of the most important branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is responsible for maritime law enforcement, anti-piracy operations, and ensuring the safety of Nigeria’s waterways.

Nigerian Navy Ranks And salary

In this article, we will take a look at the Nigerian navy rank and Salaries for 2024.

Nigerian Navy Ranks And Salary 2024

Nigerian Navy Non Commissioned Officers Ranks And Salary

Like all branches of the military, the Nigerian Navy has a level of ranks, from highest to lowest. Here is a breakdown of the non-commissioned officer ranks and their corresponding salaries.

Nigerian Navy Non Commissioned Officers Ranks And Salary 2024

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer is paid N155,655 Monthly
  2. Chief Petty Officer Collects N120,572 monthly
  3. Petty Officer is paid N90,274 monthly
  4. Leading Seaman earns N72,679 monthly
  5. Able Seaman Collects N68,870 monthly
  6. Seaman is Paid N58,075 monthly.
  7. Ordinary Seaman earns N53,871 monthly
  8. Trainee is paid N10,270 monthly

Nigerian Navy Commissioned Officers Ranks And Salary

Once you’ve been accepted into the navy as a Commissioned Officer, It’s either you join the Nigerian Navy as a Graduate or you join through the Nigerian Defence Academy. Your rank and salary will depend on your level of education and experience. Here’s a breakdown of the current ranks and salaries for commissioned officers in the Nigerian Navy.

  1. Admiral is paid N2,524,279 monthly
  2. Vice-Admiral earns N1,876,071 monthly
  3. Rear Admiral collects N1,366,373  monthly
  4. Commodore is paid N744,590 monthly salary
  5. Captain Earns N458,074 monthly
  6. Lieutenant collects N292,474 as monthly
  7. Sub-Lieutenant is paid N217,479 monthly
  8. Midshipman earns N200,179 Monthly.

Nigerian Navy ranks and salary structures are governed by the Nigerian Navy Act of 1965. The current salary and rank scales were last updated in 2024.

Please note that we will always update this information as it is subject to change at any time.

There are also other allowances attached to these ranks which are not mentioned in this article. You can read about the Nigerian Navy Allowances 

We also suggest that you visit the Nigerian Navy website for more information.

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