Nigeria Navy Salary 2024 (Navy Salary In Nigeria)

If you are interested knowing the Nigeria Navy Salary structure, In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about the Nigeria Navy Salary structure. We have written an article about the Ranks in the Nigerian Navy for those who don’t know how the Nigerian Navy ranks is classified.

Nigeria Navy Salary 2024

What is the Nigeria Navy Salary for 2024?

The Nigeria Navy basic salary for non commissioned officers ranges from is N53,000 to N200,000 depending on the rank you obtain, while the Nigerian Navy Commissioned Officers ranks ranges from N210,000 to N2M depending on the rank you are holding.

Nigeria Navy Salary

Navy Salary In Nigeria 2024

Officially, the Nigerian Navy salary Structure for officers and Ratings is as listed below

Nigerian Navy Salary For Commissioned officers

  1. Admiral is paid N2,524,299 monthly
  2. Vice-Admiral earns N1,876,091 monthly
  3. Rear Admiral collects N1,366,393  monthly
  4. Commodore is paid N744,570 monthly salary
  5. Captain Earns N458,074 monthly
  6. Lieutenant collects N292,494 as monthly
  7. Sub-Lieutenant is paid N217,459 monthly
  8. Midshipman earns N200,199 monthly
    Sub-Lieutenant is paid N217,459 monthly

For ratings, which is also known as Non Commissioned Officers. Newly recruited ratings start at N53,000 with increment at each successful year of service up to grade N200,000.

Nigerian Navy Salary For Non Commissioned Officers 2024

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer is paid N155,655 Monthly
  2. Chief Petty Officer Collects N120,572 monthly
  3. Petty Officer is paid N90,254 monthly
  4. Leading Seaman earns N72,659 monthly
  5. Able Seaman Collects N68,850 monthly
  6. Seaman is Paid N58,005 monthly.
  7. Ordinary Seaman earns N53,851 monthly
  8. Trainee is paid N10,220 monthly.

What Is the Average Nigerian Navy Salary?

What is the average Nigerian Navy salary?

The average salary for a Nigeria navy officer is about ₦4.5 million per year. However, this can vary depending on your rank and years of service.

Aside from a good salary, there are a number of other allowances for the Nigeria Navy. These include:

  • A monthly housing allowance
  • A transport allowance
  • A uniform allowance
  • Health insurance
  • Pension

How Can I Join the Nigeria Navy?

Now that you know a bit more about the Nigerian Navy salary You may also want to know how to join. The first step is to find out if you meet the eligibility criteria. To join the navy, you must be a Nigerian citizen between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, have a secondary school education or its equivalent, and pass a medical examination.

If you meet these criteria, the next step is to submit an application. You can apply online on the Nigeria Navy website . The final step is to attend an interview and take the Nigerian Navy Entrance Exam. If you pass both of these tests, you will be recruited into the Nigerian Navy and you become a seaman.

If you are a Graduate, We have already written an article on how to join the Nigerian Navy as a Graduate.

For ratings recruitment, you can read about the Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2024.

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