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BSC Rank In Air Force And Salary 2024

BSC Rank In Air Force is almost the same thing with the HND Ranks In AirForce as two of them are placed on the same ranks execpt for professionals like Doctors Pharmacist and Lawyer, they are always given special recognition and they are placed above other people with different career.

BSC Rank In Air Force is the same thing with Nigerian AirForce DSSC Rank as those who joined the Nigerian Air Force through the Air Force direct short Service commission must have BSC certificate or HND. You can read on our previous post on how to join the Nigerian Air Force As a graduate.

BSC Rank In Nigerian Airforce

In the Nigerian AirForce, The rank that is given to the BSC holders are the highest ranks in the AirForce because that’s the same qualification you get when you pass through the Nigerian Defence Academy. So now, let’s see the starting rank and the highest rank that is meant for BSC holders in the AirForce.

BSC Rank In Air Force

The BSC Rank In Air Force is Flying Officer. Please note that professionals like Doctors or Lawyers may be given the rank of Flying Lieutenant or Squadron Leader. But the starting rank of BSC holder in Nigerian AirForce is Flying Officer.

BSC Rank In Air Force

Please also note that when you graduate from the Nigerian Defence Academy with BSC, the starting rank is Pilot Officer and will be promoted to the next rank after a period of 6 months.

Below is the complete ranks of the BSC certificate holders in the AirForce.

  • Flying Officer
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Squadron Leader
  • Wing Comdr
  • Group Captain
  • Air Commodore
  • Air Vice-Marshal
  • Air Marshal
  • Air Chief Marshal

Now let’s see the salary that is paid to the BSC certificate holders in AirForce.

BSC Salary In Air Force

  • Flying Officer – N218,703
  • Flight Lieutenant – N232,783
  • Squadron Leader – N248,703
  • Wing Comdr – N342,783
  • Group Captain – N352,733
  • Air Commodore – N677,793
  • Air Vice-Marshal – N1,376,743
  • Air Marshal – N1,486,753
  • Air Chief Marshal – N1,724,783

That’s all we have about BSC holders ranks in the Nigerian AirForce. For those who are interested in joining the Nigerian AirForce with BSC certificate, atleast you have seen their ranks and how much is paid to them. So it’s left for you to decide if the pay is ok for you or not.

But one other thing you should know is that joining the Nigerian AirForce is not a getting rich scheme as you must make many sacrifices in the task of saving the country.

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