Civil Defence Salary For Graduate 2024 (Degree Holder)

Civil Defence Salary for graduate 2024. Many of our readers has been asking this question, How Much is civil Defence Salary For Graduates? In this post we will explain and list out the salary you are meant to collect as a graduate when you join the Nigerian Security And Civil Defence Corps also known as NSCDC.

Before we list out the salary of civil Defence Graduates, there are some few points which you need to know and understand. The first point is what we meant by civil Defence Salary For Graduate which also means civil Defence Salary For degree holder. Before we go further to the next point, we will like to first explain this as some people don’t understand the word graduate.

NSCDC Salary For Graduates

Civil Defence salary for Graduate is only meant for those that joined the NSCDC as a graduate. This simply means that they possess HND or BSC or it’s equivalent. This means that they joined the NSCDC with either of the qualifications mentioned above. So if you possess any qualifications below those ones mentioned above, your Salary will be lesser according to research. You can read on our previous post about the Civil Defence Salary For SSCE Holders.

Civil Defence salary for graduate

Now that we have clearly understand what we meant by Civil Defence Salary For Degree Holder, let’s go to the second point. The second point you need to understand is the that NSCDC graduates salary is paid by rank. So depending on the rank you have, that’s the amount you will be paid. The civil Defence ranks is calculated based on qualifications and years of service that’s the same way the civil Defence Salary For Degree Holder is calculated. The more you grow in rank, the more your salary grows. So now, Let’s now give the list and how much that is paid to them.

Civil Defence Salary For Graduate 2024

A Civil Defence Staff who is a graduate with HND is placed at level 8 which is the Assistant Superintendent Cadre (II) And is paid about #125,000 Monthly. While a Civil Defence Staff who is Also a graduate with BSC or Equivalent is placed at level 9 which is also known as Assistant superintendent Cadre (I) is paid About #135,000 monthly.

Please note that as the rank increases, that’s the same way the salary increases. Also note that Medical doctors are placed on level 12 while lawyers and those who have masters degree are being placed on level 9.

With the few words we have written above, we believe that you now understand the civil Defence Salary For Degree Holder. Feel free to ask questions using the comment box below.

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