Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Training Date 2024

The Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Training Date is one of the questions those who were recently Shortlisted for the Nigerian Navy Batch 34 are asking. Though when we wrote our previous post on the Nigeria Navy Batch 34 Shortlisted Candidates, we made mention of the training date. But for those who did not check the Shortlist from our blog, this post is especially for you.


So what is the Nigerian Navy Batch34 Training Date? Read on as we give the training date and the requirements which is needed for the training.

Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Training Date

Nigerian Navy Batch 34 Training Date is Wednesday 1st of March 2024. Please note that this is the official date which was released by the Nigerian Navy on the Nigerian Navy website. They also stated clearly that any candidate who reports after 5th of March will not be accepted for the training.

The Nigeria Navy went further to list all the equipment which is needed to attend the training which will last for the period of six months. Below is the complete materials required by the Nigerian Navy before you can attend the Training.

  1. NIN print-out slip.
  2. Original and photocopies of credentials.
  3. BVN print out.
  4. Two (2) Navy blue PT shorts.
  5. Two (2) white round neck vests.
  6. Two pairs of white canvas.
  7. Two pairs of brown canvas.
  8. Two (2) white long sleeve shirts.
  9. Two pairs of black trousers.
  10. Two (2) black ties.
  11. One pair of black shoe.
  12. Three (3) pairs of white long socks.
  13. Two pairs of national dress (Native wear).
  14. Two set of cutleries.
  15. Two Navy blue Bed sheets and Blanket.
  16. Two white Bed sheets.
  17. Mosquito Net.
  18. Toiletries.

For those who are not successful and are not Shortlisted, you can apply for the Nigerian Navy Batch 35 Recruitment. Please note that you will still go through the process you went through on the previous recruitment. From filling of form to writting of exams and finally the final physical interview.

Feel free to ask questions using the comment box below.

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