Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment 2024/2025

The Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment is the type of recruitment which is designed for those who possess SSCE certificate, NCE or National Diploma certificate. This recruitment is coming out at the end of the Nigerian Navy Batch 35.

For those who have been having passion to join the Nigerian Navy, this is an opportunity for you. But before you apply for this recruitment, it is important you understand the work of the Nigerian Navy and their primary role as part of the Nigerian Military.

The Nigerian Navy is the branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces also known as the Nigerian Military and it is responsible for the defense and protection of Nigeria’s territory through the waters. The Nigerian Navy was established in the year 1956 and since then, they have been playing their role in ensuring national security, water safety, and the safeguarding of Nigeria’s economic resources.

The Nigerian Navy’s primary role is to protect Nigeria’s borders through the water and secure all the Nigerian Resources through the Sea, and also maintain water security, and contribute to national defence.

Below is the full responsibilities of the Nigerian Navy

1. Defence of territorial waters: The Nigerian Navy safeguards Nigeria’s territorial waters, which extend up to 12 nautical miles from the coastline, They ensure the protection of the country’s sovereignty and maritime borders.

2. Maritime security: As we have explained earlier, The Nigerian Navy plays a very important role in fighting piracy, oil theft, smuggling, and illegal fishing activities in Nigerian waters, thereby maintaining security and stability in the water zone of the country.

3. Search and rescue operations: As you all know,  There are many Nigerians who are living in the creek, where the only passage to those areas is through the Sea. If there is a crime that requires condom and search or rescue mission, The Nigerian Navy conducts search and rescue operations in those areas to safeguard the lives and property of those in distress, carrying out humanitarian missions in partnership with other agencies.

4. Defense cooperation: The Nigerian Navy also collaborates with international navies and other maritime organizations to improve security, participate in joint exercises, and conduct training programs.

5. Economic protection: The Nigerian Navy protects economic assets such as oil installations, export terminals, and fishing zones, ensuring the smooth functioning of the country’s economy.

The roles listed above are the primary roles of the Nigerian Navy. Please note that there are other roles which might be assigned to the Nigerian Navy at anytime just like the military joint operations.

The Nigerian Navy is headed by the Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS), who is responsible for the overall administration, operational planning, and policy formulation. The Naval Headquarters coordinates the activities of various commands and units across the country and the Headquarters is in Abuja Nigeria.

The Nigerian Navy maintains collaboration with regional and international maritime organizations, such as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Gulf of Guinea Commission.

The Nigerian Navy operates several commands.  They are the Western Naval Command, Eastern Naval Command, Central Naval Command, and the Logistics Command. These commands oversee operations, training, and logistic support for naval personnel and assets across different regions of Nigeria.

Now talking about the Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment,
The Nigerian Navy conducts recruitment exercises to enlist suitable candidates who undergo serious training at the Nigerian Naval Basic Training School. Training programs for the ratings cover naval operations, navigation, engineering, weapon handling, leadership, and discipline, ensuring a well prepared and competent soldiers.

Please note that the Nigerian Navy Batch 36 recruitment is not for gradutes, if you are a graduate, you can read on how to join the Nigerian Navy as a graduate.

Nigerian Navy Batch 36

Before you apply for the batch 36, you need to first of make sure you meet the Nigerian Navy requirements.

Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment Requirements

  • All the Applicants must be a Nigerian.
  • Applicants must have an acceptable means of identification like National ID card or international passport
  • Applicants must also have a Bank Verification Number (BCN)
  • Applicants must have an at least five (5) credits in either WAEC/GCE/NEC or NABTEB including English Language and Mathematics in not more than (2) sittings
  • Applicants should be between 18 to 22 years of age for SSCE holders
  • Applicant must for NCE, OND, Diploma, Nurse/Midwifery in other words tradesmen should be between the age of 18 to 26 years
  • Persons that are married are not allowed to apply
  • Applicant must not be less than 1.69m tall for male and 1.6m for female

How To Apply For The Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment

  • To register, go to the NNBTC Batch 36 recruitment website
  • Click on the apply button.
  • Read and understand the application instructions.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “apply now” button.
  • Create and activate your account before logging in and carefully completing the online application form.
  • Upload required documents in the sizes specified.
  • Check your application for probable errors.
  • Then submit it.

After submitting your application, you need to wait until the Nigerian Navy shortlist the successful candidates. If you are successful, your name will Shortlisted and you will go for the main training. For those who will not be successful, you can still apply for the Nigerian Army recruitment or the Nigerian Air Force recruitment.

According to the Nigerian Navy, All the Shortlisted Candidates after the written exams are to go along to their screening center with the following items.

a. Originals and photocopies of their credentials.

b. Originals and photocopies of valid Drivers’ Licence (Category H only).

c. Original and photocopy of State of Origin/LGA certificate.

d. National Identity Card/Acknowledgment Slip.

e. Writing materials.

f. Two pairs of navy blue shorts and 2 white (unmarked) T Shirts.

g. A pair of canvas/trainer and stockings.

h. Bed sheets and pillow cases.

i. Set of cutlery.

j. Four (4) recent 30X30mm passport sized photographs on white background.

k. Face masks and hand sanitizers.

l. Personal Toiletries (Bathing and washing soaps, Tooth Paste and brush e.t.c).

3. Candidates will be interviewed individually and if found deficient of any required criterion (criteria), his/her candidature shall be terminated at any stage of the interview.

4. If any information/declaration given by the candidates at any time during the entire selection process is found to be fake/false/wrong, his/her candidature shall be cancelled and he/she may be handed over to the Nigeria Police Force for possible prosecution.

5. Failure by any applicant to provide accurate information concerning his/her medical history during the entire selection process as stated on the Medical Examination Pro forma will result in automatic withdrawal from training and dismissal even when already in the Service.

6. Any candidate who fails to report for screening at specified centre for their State of Origin on the stipulated date for his/her Batch will forfeit his/her candidature.

7. All concerned are to note and comply accordingly.

Tips On How To Be Successful On The Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment

As we have listed all the details you need to join the Nigerian Navy. We will now be giving you our tips on how to be successful. To increase your chances of passing the Nigerian Navy Recruitment,. Here is a guide that will help you.

1. Eligibility Check.  Before applying for the Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment ensure that you meet the minimum requirements for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment. This includes age, educational qualifications, and physical fitness standards. Make sure to carefully read and confirm your eligibility.

2. Research and Gather Information. Thoroughly research the Nigerian Navy, their core values, organizational structure, and some other important information. Familiarize yourself with the requirements, job roles, and responsibilities to have a better understanding of what is expected.

3. Physical Fitness. This part, no one is supposed to even tell you. The Nigerian Navy does not joke with physical fitness. Engage in regular exercise to improve your overall fitness levels, including endurance, strength, and agility. Keep on doing activities such as running, swimming, bodyweight exercises, and weight training.

4. Study and Prepare. You should know that the Nigerian Navy is looking for intelligent and smart people. Prepare for the written examination by studying the required subjects, which usually include English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. If it’s possible, use the past question papers and study guides to familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked. Practice time management to improve your speed and accuracy.

5. Personal Documents. Gather all necessary personal documents, such as identification cards, birth certificate, educational certificates, and any other relevant documents required for the application process. Make sure that they are accurate and up to date.

6. Application and Documentation. Please when filling this Nigerian Navy Batch 36 Recruitment form, it is advisable to Complete the online application accurately and attach all required documents. Try to double check all information provided to make sure the they are accurate. Submit the application within the time given to, that is the closing date of the recruitment.

7. Interview Preparation. Many people are afraid of this process because they are to be asked questions face to face. Familiarize yourself with previous interview questions and prepare yourself, well structured responses. Practice answering questions confidently, maintaining appropriate body language and eye contact. When asked questions about your skills, experiences, and motivations for joining the Nigerian Navy.

8. Maintain a Positive Attitude. What we mean by maintaining your behavior throughout the selection process or throughout the recruitment process, maintain a positive attitude. Be punctual, respectful, and professional in all you do. Show a strong sense of commitment, discipline, and teamwork.

9. Medical Examination: If you pass the first selection stage which is the online selection of documents, You will then be shortlisted to write exams  You will go through a medical examination to assess your physical and mental fitness. Make that you have a good health. It is advisable you go for your own medical test before coming for the recruitment because it’s going to help you know your problems on time and work on them.

Remember that passing the Nigerian Navy Recruitment requires you to be dedicated, hard working, and committed. Stay focused, be well prepared, and show your genuine interest in serving the nation.

Few Things That Can Disqualify You From Joining The Nigerian Navy Batch 36

Joining the Nigerian Navy is easy as we said earlier. These are the few mistakes that can disqualify you automatically and you won’t be able to join the Navy.

1. Age. Failure to meet the specified age requirement at the time of application may disqualify a candidate. The age limit is different based on the qualification you are using to apply.

2. Educational Qualifications. Inability to meet the minimum educational qualifications specified by the Nigerian Navy may lead to disqualification. These qualifications often include a minimum number of credits in relevant subjects from recognized institutions.

3. Medical Fitness: The Nigerian Navy requires candidates to undergo a medical examination to assess their physical and mental fitness. Certain medical conditions, disabilities, or chronic illnesses can disqualify candidates from joining.

4. Criminal Record: This one is the worst of them all. A criminal record, including convictions for felonies or serious offenses, can disqualify a candidate. The Nigerian Navy conducts background checks to make sure applicants have good character and moral standing because your state police is going to sign some documents.

5. False Information: Providing false or misleading information during any stage of the recruitment process can lead to disqualification. It is important to be honest and accurate when providing personal and educational details.

6. Tattoo Policy: The Nigerian Navy has a strict policy on visible tattoos. Excessive, offensive, or visible tattoos, particularly on the face, neck, or hands, This may disqualify you from joining the Navy.

7. Substance Abuse: Candidates with a history of substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol, may be deemed unfit for service in the Nigerian Navy. There will be series of test to check so you won’t be able to escape.

8. Undesirable Behavior. Engaging in conduct that is considered immoral, unethical, or engaging in activities that bring the Nigerian Navy’s reputation into the mud while still on selection process may result in disqualification.

9. Inadequate Physical Fitness. Failing to meet the required physical fitness standards during fitness tests and assessments can lead to disqualification. Physical fitness is considered an important aspect of service in the Nigerian Navy.

10. Nationality: Only Nigerian citizens are eligible to join the Nigerian Navy. People with dual citizenship may need to renounce their other citizenship to meet the eligibility requirements.

Please note that the Nigerian Navy recruitment process is not easy, and disqualification factors can be different based on specific entry requirements and current policies.

Please note that the Nigerian Navy is the highest paid Force in Nigeria so it’s a thing of honor to join and serve your country. You can always write us mail when you have any questions.

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