Nigerian Army SSC Ranks And Salary Structure 2024

Nigerian Army SSC Ranks And Salary Structure
The Nigerian Army SSC Means Short Service Commission or Short Service Combatant Commission, Any one of them is correct.

It’s called Combatant because they are always trained to be Combatant in the field. They are always ready to lead troops to war.
It’s a short period of training meant for the University Graduates from different institutions in the Country.

So whenever we talk about the Nigerian Army SSC ranks and Salary in this post, we are also talking about the Nigerian Army Short Service Ranks and Salary.

It’s always a training of 9 months. When you talk about SSC it’s the same thing as Joining the Nigerian Army as a Graduate, because before you join the Nigerian Army SSC, you must be a graduate.

Nigerian Army SSC Ranks

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Please be aware that The Nigerian Army DSSC and SSC are not the same, They have Similarities between them and also have differences between them.
You can read about the Difference between DSSC and SSC.

Also, note that the SSC Ranks And Salary is A little bit different from the DSSC Ranks And Salary Structure

Now let’s go down to the ranks of the Nigerian Army SSC.

Nigerian Army SSC Ranks

The Nigerian Army Short Service Ranks are the same as any other Commissioned Officer in the Nigerian Army.
The only difference is that there are also ranks that regular Officers can reach but the SSC won’t be able to reach there.
But all both regular and SSC Ranks Start from the second lieutenant.
Below are the Ranks of the SSC.

Nigerian Army SSC Ranks (Nigerian Army Short Service Ranks)

  1. Second Lieutenant
  2. Lieutenant
  3. Captain
  4. Major
  5. Lt. Colonel
  6. Colonel
  7. Brigadier General.

There are other military officers’ Ranks that are not included because SSC Commissioned Officers don’t reach the rank before they retire.
Ranks like Major General
Lieutenant General

Nigerian Army SSC Salary Structure

  1. Second Lieutenant- N150,009
  2. Lieutenant- N190,070
  3. Captain- N230,008
  4. Major- N310,009
  5. Lt. Colonel- N360,006
  6. Colonel- N560,005
  7. Brigadier General- N760,006

The above is the Salary Structure of SSC in the Nigerian Army.

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