Nigerian Army Non Tradesmen Ranks And Salary

Nigerian Army Non tradesmen ranks and salary is what we will be looking at in this article. The Nigerian Army Non tradesmen is a type of recruitment that is organized by the Nigerian Army for SSCE holders who don’t have trade tests and wish to join the Nigerian Army. The Nigerian army non tradesmen always come out with the tradesmen recruitment. The Nigerian army Non tradesmen is different from the Nigerian army tradesmen. we have written an article on the Nigerian Army Tradesmen ranks and salary that’s why we have decided to also write about the Nigerian Army Non-Tradesmen rank and salary as some of our readers have requested we write about it.

Before we go down to the ranks and salary of the Nigerian Army Non tradesmen, you need to first understand the main difference between the Tradesmen and the Non Tradesmen in the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army Non Tradesmen Ranks And Salary

The Nigerian Army Non tradesmen and the tradesmen have many things in common as they are almost the same. The tradesmen only have trade certificates to defend the work they entered the recruitment with. Now let’s look at the Nigerian Army Non Tradesmen rank before we talk about the salary structure.

Nigerian Army Non Tradesmen Ranks

  1. Private Soldier
  2. Lance Corporal Earns
  3. Corporal Collects
  4. Sergeant Is Paid
  5. Staff Sergeant
  6. Warrant Officer
  7. Master Warrant Officer
  8. Army Warrant Officer

Nigerian Army Non Tradesman Ranks And Salary 2024

  • Private Soldier is Paid #50,100 Monthly.
  • Lance Corporal Earns #57,100 Monthly.
  • Corporal Collects #62,100 Monthly.
  • Sergeant Is Paid #68,100 Monthly.
  • Staff Sergeant Earns #80,100 Monthly.
  • Warrant Officer Is paid #110,100 monthly Salary.
  • Master Warrant Officer Earns #130,100 Monthly.
  • Army Warrant Officer Collects #180,100 Monthly.

The ranks above are the ranks and salary which you are going to be paid once you join the Nigerian Army through the Nigerian Army Non Tradesman. Please note that there are some other allowance which are being paid to the Nigerian Army Non Tradesmen.. you can read about the Nigerian Military Allowance

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