Nigeria Army Salary And Allowance 2024

The salary and allowance of a Nigeria Army soldier is paid monthly. The Nigeria army has grown from about 50,000 to over 126,000 personnel over the years. The increase in the number of soldiers is a reflection of the success of the army’s response to the crisis in the country. Before we talk about the Nigeria Army Salary and Allowance 2024, let’s understand few things about the Nigerian Army.

The Nigerian Army is one of the largest in Africa, with a total strength of about 126,000 soldiers. The recent crisis in Nigeria has caused the army’s size to grow. The highest rank in the army is the Field Marshal while the lowest rank is Private. The Nigerian Army is divided into two categories, the Commissioned officers and the Non commissioned officers.

Nigeria Army Salary And Allowance

Non-commissioned officers

There are different ranks in the Nigerian Army non commissioned officers of the Nigerian Army. The salary and Allowance of a non-commissioned officer varies based on their rank. The salary scale for Non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army varies depending on the soldiers rank. The Nigerian Army pays its officers in Naira and has ten ranks, the lowest being private soldier. The salary range of a lance corporal ranges from 53,000 to 57,000 naira per month.

Commissioned officers

The Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian Army salary and allowances are based on their rank too.

The way they are divided into two is the same way the ranks, salary and Allowance is divided into. Let’s take for an example. A second Lieutenant who is a commissioned officer is paid higher than a private who is a non commissioned officer. Note that a second Lieutenant is the first rank of the commissioned officers while the private is the first rank of the non commissioned officers. You can read about the Complete list of the Nigerian Army Ranks. You can also read about the benefits of a second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army. Now let’s go down to the Nigeria Army Salary and Allowance 2024.

Nigeria Army Salary And Allowance 2024

Before we talk about the Nigerian Army allowance, let’s first look at the Salary.

Nigeria Army Salary 2024

Nigerian Army Salary 2024 For Non Commissioned Officers

  • Private: Minimum salary is – N50,000 Maximum- N52,000
  • Lance Corporal: Minimum salary is – N55,000 Maximum – N57,000
  • Corporal: Minimum – N60,000 Maximum- N62,000
  • Sergeant Minimum- N70,000 Maximum- N75,000
  • Staff Sergeant: Minimum- N78,000 Maximum- N85,000
  • Warrant Officer: Minimum- N100,000
  • Maximum- 110,000
  • Army Warrant Officer: Minimum 150,000, Maximum 200,000

Nigerian Army Salary 2024 For Commissioned officers

  • Second Lieutenant is paid #200,100 monthly.
  • Lieutenant is paid #230,090 monthly.
  • Captain Earns #280,007 Monthly.
  • Major collects #350,090 as Monthly Salary.
  • Lieutenant Colonel is paid #400,070 Monthly
  • Colonel’s Monthly Salary is #550,040
  • Brigadier General (1 Star General) earns #850,900 Monthly.
  • Major General (2 Star General) is paid #1,000,050 Monthly
  • Lieutenant General (3 Star General) earns – 1.5 Million monthly.
  • General (4 Star General) is paid – 2 Million monthly

Nigeria Army Allowances

  1. Transport allowances which is between N10,000 and N50,000 depending on the rank.
  2. Housing allowances.
  3. Special duty allowances.
  4. Special Force Allowances.
  5. Uniform Allowance.
  6. Non regular allowance
  7. In addition, Nigerian Army soldiers are also entitled to various benefits like medical care and pension plans.

The figure above is the Nigeria Army Salary and Allowance 2024. There are other allowance which is paid to the Nigerian Army Trainees who are on training. You can read about the Nigerian Army Training Allowance.

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