Nigerian Army Salary 2024, Ranks And Allowances

Nigerian Army Salary 2024, Ranks And Allowances. How much a Nigerian Soldier is Paid.

How Much do Nigerian Army Soldiers Earn Monthly this is one of the questions many people ask. We are going to give you the Breakdown Of the Nigerian Army Ranks, Salary and Allowances

Nigerian Army salary structure is based on rank. The Commissioned officers in the Nigerian army earn more than Non Commissioned officers. Soldiers in the Nigerian army are paid a monthly salary that ranges from N50,000 to N1,500,000 depending on the rank. In this article, we take a look at how much Nigerian Army soldiers earn monthly and a breakdown of their salary by rank. Meanwhile we have written an article about the Nigerian Air Force Ranks, Salary and Allowances for those who may also wish to know how much the Nigerian Air Force is paid as monthly Salary. You also check out the Nigerian Navy Ranks And Salary.

The Nigerian Army is the land warfare branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It was formed in January 1962, shortly after Nigeria’s independence from the United Kingdom. The Nigerian Army is responsible for defending the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The army is also responsible for providing internal security during civil unrest and maintaining law and order. The Nigerian Army has a total strength of about 120,000 soldiers.

What are the ranks in the Nigerian Army?

The Nigerian Army is a large and complex institution with many ranks and positions. The rank structure of the Nigerian Army reflects the hierarchy of military command, with each rank corresponding to a specific level of authority and responsibility.

Nigerian Army Salary

The Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian Army are divided into two categories: senior officers, and junior officers. Senior officers are those who have been promoted to a rank above captain. Junior officers are those who have not yet been promoted to a senior officer rank.

Non-commissioned officers are enlisted personnel who do not hold an officer’s commission. They are typically divided into two categories: Senior NCOs and junior NCOs. This is almost the same thing as the Nigerian Navy Salary and Ranks and the Nigerian Air Force Salary and Ranks.

How much do Nigerian Army soldiers earn monthly?

Nigerian Army Salary 2024: The monthly salary of a Nigerian Army soldier depends on their rank. A private, for instance, earns a basic salary of N50,200 while a major earns N360,000. The highest-paid Soldier in the Nigerian Army is the Lieutenant General who earns a monthly salary of about N1,500,800. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army is the lowest paid force in the Nigerian Armed Forces. You can read about the highest paid force in Nigeria The table below shows the monthly salary of a Nigerian Army soldier by rank.

Nigerian Army Salary 2024 And Ranks

Nigerian Army Salary 2024 For Non Commissioned Officers

  • Private: Minimum salary is – N50,000 Maximum- N52,000
  • Lance Corporal: Minimum salary is – N55,000 Maximum – N57,000
  • Corporal: Minimum – N60,000 Maximum- N62,000
  • Sergeant Minimum- N70,000 Maximum- N75,000
  • Staff Sergeant: Minimum- N78,000 Maximum- N85,000
  • Warrant Officer: Minimum- N100,000
  • Maximum- 110,000
  • Army Warrant Officer: Minimum 150,000, Maximum 200,000

Nigerian Army Salary 2024 For Commissioned officers

  • Second Lieutenant is paid #200,100 monthly.
  • Lieutenant is paid #230,090 monthly.
  • Captain Earns #280,007 Monthly.
  • Major collects #350,090 as Monthly Salary.
  • Lieutenant Colonel is paid #400,070 Monthly
  • Colonel’s Monthly Salary is #550,040
  • Brigadier General (1 Star General) earns #850,900 Monthly.
  • Major General (2 Star General) is paid #1,000,050 Monthly
  • Lieutenant General (3 Star General) earns – 1.5 Million monthly.
  • General (4 Star General) is paid – 2 Million monthly

What are the allowances Nigerian Army soldiers receive?

Nigerian Army Allowances

Nigerian Army soldiers receive a variety of allowances just like the same way the Nigerian Air Force is paid their Allowances. You can read about the Nigerian Air Force Allowances. The Nigerian Army Allowance depends on their rank and position. Below is the list of the Nigerian Army Allowances.

Nigeria Army Salary And Allowance 2024

The Nigeria Army Salary And Allowance ranges from N12,000 – N75,000 depending on the type allowance that is being paid. Please note that the N12,000 – N75,000 is only the allowance as the main salary has been mentioned above.

These allowances can include things like

  • Transport allowances which is between N10,000 and N50,000 depending on the rank.
  • Housing allowances,
  • Special duty allowances,
  • Special Force Allowances
  • Uniform Allowance
  • In addition, Nigerian Army soldiers are also entitled to various benefits like medical care and pension plans.

Nigerian Army Training Allowances

This allowance is for those who are still on training to join the Nigerian Army. Either you join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate, Or through BMTC or through the Nigerian Defence Academy, once you are on training, you will be paid a training allowance. Below is the list of the Nigerian Army Training Allowances.

  • Recruits who are under training are paid about N10,000 – N12,500 monthly.
  • Nigerian Army Short Service Cadets are Paid a monthly training allowance of about N15,000 – N25,000.
  • Nigerian Army Regular Cadets who are under training in the Nigerian Defence Academy are paid a monthly training allowance of about N25,000 – 30,000.

This article breaks down the Nigerian Army salary structure, Allowances and ranks, so you can get an idea of what to expect if you join the Nigerian Army. By now you all know the Nigerian Army Salary 2024, Allowances and ranks.

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