Immigration Salary With Diploma In Nigeria 2024

Nigeria Immigration Service is one of best paramilitary organization in Nigeria that is in charge of immigration in the country. The Nigerian Immigration Service is rated as the highest paid Paramilitary in Nigeria. So now the question is, how much is the immigration salary with diploma?; Sit back and relax as we explain everything you need to know about the Nigeria Immigration Salary With Diploma.

This post is only meant to explain the Nigerian Immigration Salary for Diploma Certificate holders as we have previously written a post on the complete Immigration Salary and ranks.

So now, who are the diploma holders? Diploma Certificate holders are simply those with ND. It’s also referred to as National Diploma. It’s normally 2 years program offered by the Nigerian Polytechnics. If you want to know how much is paid to graduates in the Nigeria Immigration Service, we have written a post also for the Nigeria Immigration Salary for graduates. Now let’s go down to the Nigerian Immigration Salary With ND Certificate.

Immigration Salary With Diploma In Nigeria

Immigration Salary With Diploma

The immigration salary with Diploma In Nigeria is between N60,000 – N80,000 Monthly. Please note that the Salary varies depending on the years of service.

Fresh fresh ND holder that just joined the immigration start up salary is about N60,000 monthly and the salary goes up as the years of service increases. Those who has served for few years with diploma in the Nigeria Immigration Service receives up to N80,000 monthly.

Please note that this is just the basic salary for the Nigeria Immigration Service ND holders as there are other allowances attached to the main Salary. You can read about the Nigerian Immigration Salary 2024, Ranks and Allowances. Also note that those who are under training with the Nigerian Immigration Service also have allowance that is paid to them known as Nigerian Immigration training allowance. You can read our previous post on the Nigeria Immigration training allowance 2024. Please also note that the Allowance is strictly for Trainees under the Nigerian Immigration Service.

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