Easybuy Phones, Prices, App And Website 2024

When we talk about easybuy, many people who already knows about it are familiar with the name. But if you are hearing the word easybuy for the first time, let’s first make you understand what easy buy is all about before we go down to the EasyBuy Phones and Prices, Easybuy App And Easybuy website. If this is your first time of visiting, please always remember to share our post on all social medias and subscribe to our latest updates.

What Is Easybuy?

Easybuy is a company which offers you Electronics mostly mobile phones and you pay back in installments within a given time. Sometimes you need to pay up to 30% of the actual price of the Item before you can be able to go with the device. One thing you should be able to know about easybuy is that their prices is always higher than the price of the actual goods in the market. This is understandable as this is where the company makes their own income to pay staffs. Sometimes Easybuy is referred to as Easybuy Loan.

Easybuy Phones

Many people who have used their service rated them good while some rated them not satisfied, in this post we will be talking about the EasyBuy Phones and Prices, the Easybuy App and the Easybuy website. We will also be reading about few reviews from us and some of the users from playstore. Now let’s start with the Easybuy Phones.

Easybuy Phones

What type of phones can you possibly get from easybuy? This is one of the questions most people who have heard of easybuy normally ask. Now we will explain in details the kind of phones which is available on easybuy.

Easybuy offers a very wide range of mobile phones to buyers to pay back in installments. The phones which are available on easybuy include iPhones And Android Devices from companies like Tecno, Infinix, Itel, Oppo and many others. One good thing about the Easybuy Phones is that you get the original product of the phone you want to buy and pay back in installment.

Easybuy Phones And Prices 2024

Now another question is how much is easy buy phones? Easybuy Phones is costlier than the normal phones in the market as we have explained earlier the reason why it’s so. The money is added by the company so that they can be able to run the company smoothly and pay their staffs. So because of this, the Easybuy Phones always have atleast 10% increment on the normal price of the the phone. Let’s say for Example in Nigeria, a phone which is sold for 10,000 Naira in the normal phone shop may the sold at the rate of 12,000 naira on Easybuy.

EasyBuy Phone Prices For Tecno Phones 2024

  • Tecno Spark 3: N48,000
  • Camon 11: N60,000
  • Tecno Camon 11 PRO: N87,000
  • Camon CX: N61,000
  • Camon X Pro (CA8): N90,000
  • Tecno POP1 F3: N50,000
  • POP 2 Power: N37,000
  • POP 2F: N35,000
  • Tecno Pouvoir 2(LA7): N55,000
  • Pouvoir 2 Pro (LA7 Pro): N69,000
  • Pouvoir 2 Air: N50,000
  • Tecno F1: N31,000
  • F3 Pro (Pop1 Pro): N43,000
  • Spark Youth(KA6): N40,000
  • Tecno Phantom 8: N95,000
  • Droipad 7D: N53,000
  • Spark K7: N60,000

Easybuy Phone prices for Infinix phones 2024

  • Infinix Hot 6: N55,000
  • Hot 6 X: N65,000
  • Hot 7: N52,000
  • Hot 7 Pro: N62,000
  • Hot 4 Lite: N52,000
  • Hot 4 Pro: N55,000
  • Hot S3X: N85,000
  • Hot 5: N58,000
  • Infinix Smart 3: N55,000
  • Smart 2: N53,000
  • Smart 2 HD: N54,000
  • Smart 2 Pro: N55,000
  • Infinix Note 3: N80,000
  • Note 4 Pro: N88,000
  • Note 5: N92,000
  • Note 5 Stylus: N98,000
  • Infinix S4: N90,000
  • Infinix Zero 4: N80,000
  • Infinix Zero 4 Plus: 84,000
  • Zero 5: 115,000
  • Zero 6: N125,000
  • Infinix Zero 5 Pro: N145,000

Easybuy Phone prices for iPhones 2024

  • iPhone 8: N240,000
  • iPhone 8 Plus: N369,000
  • iPhone Xs: N470,000
  • iPhone XS Max: N610,000
  • iPhone X: N355,000
  • iPhone 6: N170,000
  • iPhone 6s: 120,000
  • iPhone XR: N380,000
  • iPhone 7 Plus: N250,000

Easybuy Phone price for Samsung Phones 2024

  • Samsung Galaxy A10: N49,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: N269,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A30: N85,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018): N89,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A2 Core: N45,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A20: N69,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: N610,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9: N210,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S10: N300,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A50: N120,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: N275,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: N95,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: N135,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus: N125,000

Easybuy Phone Prices for Nokia Phones

  • Nokia X5: N95,000
  • Nokia X6 (6.1 Plus): N85,000
  • Nokia 5.1: N65,000
  • Nokia 3.1: N59,000
  • Nokia 2: N40,000
  • New C2: N20,000
  • Nokia 9 – Pure View: N284,000
  • Nokia 7 Plus: N178,000
  • Nokia 2.1: N49,000
  • Nokia X71: N168,000
  • Nokia 7: N95,000
  • Nokia 5: N65,000
  • Nokia 4.2: N97,000

Easybuy Prices for itel Phones 2024

  • Itel P32: N30,000
  • Itel P33: N32,000
  • Itel P33 Plus: N35,000
  • Itel A33: N23,000
  • Itel A14: N20,000
  • Itel A16: N19,000
  • Itel S13: N33,000

So Generally, Easybuy Phones Prices is always 10 to 30 percent higher than the normal price of the phone from the phone stores both online and offline.

Easybuy Requirements

For those who wish to get a mobile phone from easybuy, there are some requirements which you need to meet up with before you can get a phone on loan from easybuy

  1. You must be employed or you must have a valid means of monthly source of income.
  2. You must have a valid means of Identification that is approved by the federal republic. You can tender your Driver’s License, International Passport, Voter’s Card or NIMC National ID Card
  3. You must present your Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  4. An ATM card which is valid is also needed.
  5. Then lastly you need to pay the initial payment of 30% for the mobile phone you want to purchase

Easybuy App

Now let’s talk about the EasyBuy App. Easybuy app is the app that makes it easy for you to reduce the stress of going to the Easybuy shops to fill out the documents needed before you can be able to get a phone on loan from easybuy. The easybuy app makes it easier to fill in your details, make payment of the balance of the phone and follow up if there is any changes. Now the question is is, how do I get the Easybuy App?

The Easy buy app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play store. To Download the Easybuy App for iPhones, you can download from Easybuy iPhone App. To Download Easybuy App for Android device, you can download it from Easybuy App for Android.

Easybuy Website

What is the Easybuy website? The easybuy website is the website which you can use instead of using the Easybuy App. Two of them are for the same purpose. With Easybuy website, it is easy for you to check the updated prices of their mobile devices at all time. Due to the changes in price at all time it’s always advisable to visit the Easybuy website to get the update of the price of the Item you are going for. Now what’s the Easybuy website? Easybuy has different website for each country, in this post, we will only be listing few countries.

Easybuy Website In Nigeria

The Easybuy website in Nigeria is

Easybuy Website In India

The easybuy website in India is

Easybuy Website In Ghana

The Easybuy website in Ghana is

Easybuy Website In Kwait

The Easybuy website in Kwait is

Easybuy Website In UK

The Easybuy Website In UK is

Easybuy Loan Reviews

How legit is easybuy Loan? Easybuy loan is a legit loan app which allows you get any device of your choice and pay in Installments. Though the payment may be higher than the normal price of the item in the market but they are legit.

One thing you should take note of is that if you don’t have the intentions of paying when it’s due, it is advisable you avoid easybuy because they will freeze all the apps on your device and it will stop working. Some also complained of not being able to work again even after completion of the payment.

You can read more reviews about the Easybuy Loan App from Playstore.

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