Xcrosscash Loan App Review 2024 (Legit Or Scam)

Xcrosscash is one of the most known ads you can see on play store. Many people has been asking questions about this particular loan app, how legit they are. In this post we will explain everything you need to know about the xcrosscash loan if it’s legit or Scam just as we did when reviewing xcash loan app.

Xcrosscash loan app has been in existence for sometime now. Many people has been using this loan app, some has been giving negative review while some are giving positive review. So the question now is, Is xcrosscash loan app legit? Read on as we give you details on our own review.

xcrosscash loan app

Is Xcrosscash Loan Legit?

Xcrosscash Loan is a Legit Online loan app which is registered under Newedge Microfinance Bank. This company is said to own other loan apps like xcash and palmcredit.

One thing I like about xcrosscash loan app is that they are fast in loan disbursement and they also offer long duration of loan repayment unlike some other loan apps which sometimes gives only 7days loan repayment period.

Xcrosscash is a registered loan app under central bank of Nigeria. They offer loan repayment option which is up to 3 months. Xcrosscash is a loan has been in market for sometime now. No platform has mentioned this platform as a scam, but it is also important to make your own research from reviews on play store. In that way, you see reviews from customers who actually using their service.

Xcrosscash Interest Rate

Xcrosscash interest rate is between 10% to 30%. Please note that this review is based on our experience with the loan app.

Is Xcrosscash Loan Scam?

No, With the reviews we have seen on playstore and with our own personal experience with the loan app, we have come to conclusion that the loan app is legit and safe to use.

Please we always advise our readers to also make their own research before making use of any app we review as those apps sometimes change their terms and condition.

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