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Naf Tradesmen Rank And Salary 2024

Naf Tradesmen Rank And Salary 2024. Many people who are interested in joining the Nigerian AirForce sometimes asks some questions which concerns the Nigerian AirForce but sometimes they don’t seem to get the right and correct answer. But trust me, gistbriefly is a place where you can get updated and correct information you are looking for.

One of those questions is what is the NAF Tradesmen rank? Naf simply means the Nigerian Air Force for those who are not familiar with the term NAF. In this post we are going to break down the ranks which is obtainable as a Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen and the salary that you are entitled to.

The Nigerian AirForce NAF is a very important part of the Nigerian Military which is in charge of protecting the Nigerian through the air. They always work hand in hand with the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy as they all the Nigerian Armed Forces. Also, the Nigerian AirForce is also the highest paid force in Nigeria 2024. Now let’s go down to the Naf Tradesmen ranks and salary.

Naf Tradesmen Rank

Before we talk about the Naf Tradesmen rank, for those who don’t know the meaning of NAF Tradesmen, Naf Tradesmen is those that join the Nigerian AirForce with tradetest. They are different from Naf Non Tradesmen. The NAF non Tradesmen does not have any handwork or trade certificate, they only possess SSCE.

Naf Tradesmen ranks starts from Lance Corporal or Corporal or even Sergeant depending on the qualifications and trade experience. We have previously written an article about the difference between Tradesmen and non Tradesmen in the Nigerian AirForce. You can refer to the post to understand more about the Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen and non Tradesmen. Now below is the Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen rank and salary.

NAF Tradesmen rank

  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Warrant Officer
  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Air Warrant Officer

Naf Tradesmen Salary

  • Trainee earns N10,217 monthly
  • Lance Corporal is paid N57,212 monthly
  • Corporal collects N61,314 monthly
  • Sergeant collects N75,314 monthly
  • Flight Sergeant earns N96,316 monthly
  • Warrant Officer is paid N120,515 monthly
  • Master Warrant Officer collects N185,515
  • Air Warrant Officer salary is N191,818 monthly

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