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Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen salary And Ranks

Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen salary And Ranks. (NAF Tradesmen Rank And Salary)

The Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen also known as NAF Tradesmen are those Airmen or airwomen that joined the Nigerian AirForce with trade test. As you all know, the Nigerian AirForce had two types of Recruitment for air men and women who wants to join the Nigerian AirForce. They are the Tradesmen and the Non Tradesmen. For those who don’t know the difference between Tradesmen and Non Tradesmen, we have written a post about the difference between Tradesmen and Non Tradesmen in the Nigerian Air Force. Now let’s go down to the salary of the Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen. (NAF Tradesmen Salary)

Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen salary And Ranks

When we talk about the NAF Tradesmen salary And Ranks, we are also taking about the Nigerian AirForce Non Commissioned officers salary because The Tradesmen and Non Tradesmen are all Non Commissioned officers. We have written an article about the full Ranks And Salary of the Nigerian Air Force. You can still read about it. Now let’s go down to the Nigerian Air Force Tradesmen salary And Ranks.

Let’s start with the NAF Tradesmen Ranks.

Nigerian Air Force Tradesmen Ranks (NAF Tradesmen Rank)

  • Trainee
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Warrant Officer
  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Air Warrant Officer

Now let’s look at the NAF Tradesmen Salary.

Nigerian AirForce Tradesmen Salary (NAF Tradesmen Salary)

  • Trainee earns N10,207 monthly
  • Lance Corporal is paid N57,202 monthly
  • Corporal collects N61,364 monthly
  • Sergeant collects N75,374 monthly
  • Flight Sergeant earns N96,396 monthly
  • Warrant Officer is paid N120,585 monthly
  • Master Warrant Officer collects N185,585
  • Air Warrant Officer salary is N191,898 monthly

When you look closely to the ranks mentioned above, you will notice that the is no rank of Aircraft man, that’s where the Nigerian Air Force Ranks starts. The reason is because, The Nigerian AirForce normally gives their tradesmen ranks starting from Lance Corporal, that’s the opportunity they get for joining the Nigerian AirForce with trade test. If you are a Non Tradesmen, you will come out with the rank of Aircraft man. The ranks and salary mentioned above is the NAF Tradesmen Rank And Salary 2023.

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