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Nigeria AirForce Training Allowance 2024 (NAF)

Talking about the Nigerian AirForce Training Allowances, it is the allowance that is paid to the Nigeria AirForce Students who are on training just the same way we have the Nigerian Navy Training Allowance.

The Nigeria AirForce Training Allowance which is also known as NAF training allowance is in three categories, The training allowance paid to the Nigerian AirForce recruits, the one that is paid to the Nigerian AirForce Short Service Cadets. The Nigerian AirForce Short Service Cadets are those that joined the Nigerian AirForce as a Graduate. During their Training, there are some allowance which is paid to them also and lastly the Nigerian AirForce Regular Cadets Training Allowance. The Nigerian AirForce Regular Cadets are those who are studying in the Nigerian Defence Academy NDA, they pass out to become a pilot Officer in the Nigerian AirForce. Now how much is their Training allowance? Let’s find out.

Nigeria AirForce Training Allowance

Naf Training Allowance 2024

Naf Training Allowance has been unchanged for sometime now, we have have previously mentioned about the training allowance when we wrote about the Nigerian AirForce Ranks and Salary 2024, but we didn’t give the details. But in this post, we will breakdown how much is paid to them.

Previously, the Nigerian AirForce Training Allowance for Recruits was about N10,000. but recently, it was said to have been increased to N15,000 monthly.

Below is the complete list of Naf Training Allowance.

Nigeria AirForce Training Allowance 2024

Nigeria AirForce Training Allowance 2024

  • Recruits are paid about N10,000 – N15,000 monthly.
  • Short Service Cadets are Paid about N16,000 – N20,000 Monthly.
  • Air Force Regular Cadets are Paid about N25,000 – N30,000 monthly.

If you are interested in joining the Nigerian Air Force, you should know that the qualifications for this job are quite high. There are a number of different ways that you can get into the Air Force, depending on your qualifications. It’s either you join through the Nigerian AirForce Recruitment for SSCE holders, or you join through the Nigerian AirForce Short Service or through the Nigerian Defence Academy. We have already listed the training allowance you should expect as you are on training in the Nigerian AirForce. You can also read about the Nigerian Air Force Salary 2024 And Ranks.

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