NCE Rank In Army And Salary 2024

The NCE Ranks In the Nigerian Army is one of the questions those who are interested in obtaining the Nigerian Army form with the NCE certificate always ask. Which rank will be given to them once they join the army using the NCE certificate.

The Nigerian Army is the main force and branch of the military which is in charge of securing the Nigerian territory through the land. They always work in conjunction with the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Air Force. The Nigerian Army is one of the strongest foot Army in the world.

NCE Rank In The Nigerian Army

For the the NCE certificate holders who wish to join the Nigerian Army, the truth is that there is no special rank that is meant for the NCE certificate holders. This simply means that the SSCE certificate holders, NCE certificate holders and National Diploma certificate holders starts from the same rank.

NCE Rank In Army

The only place you will be placed higher is when you join the Nigerian Army as a graduate, that is you possess either HND or BSC certificate.

NCE Rank In Army

The NCE Rank In Army is Private Soldier. That’s the starting rank of the non commissioned officers and NCE certificate holders fall into that category. Though those that joined with NCE certificate are sometimes considered as Tradesmen. You can read about the difference between Tradesmen and non Tradesmen in the Nigerian Army. Now let’s see the remaining ranks which is meant for the NCE holders before we talk about the Salary.

  • Private
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Warrant Officer
  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Army Warrant Officer

The ranks mentioned above are the complete ranks of the NCE certificate holders in the Nigerian Army. Now let’s see the NCE Salary in the Nigerian Army.

NCE Salary In Army

  • Private: Minimum salary is – N50,000 Maximum- N52,300
  • Lance Corporal: Minimum salary is – N55,000 Maximum – N57,300
  • Corporal: Minimum – N60,300 Maximum- N62,000
  • Sergeant Minimum- N70,300 Maximum- N75,000
  • Staff Sergeant: Minimum- N78,300 Maximum- N85,000
  • Warrant Officer: Minimum- N100,300
  • Maximum- 110,000
  • Army Warrant Officer: Minimum 150,300, Maximum 200,000


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