How to join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate

How to join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate is one of the major questions those who are interested in joining the Nigerian Army Ask. The Nigerian Army has recruitment which is meant for graduates who wish to join the Nigerian Army. Note that those who join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate are also commissioned as army officers. This type of recruitment is called DSSC or SSC. Now let’s go further to explain what we meant by DSSC and SSC.


DSSC Means Direct Short Service Commission. This type of commission is always meant for those who already have a career they are practicing in their civil life after graduation. For example, Medical Doctors, Engineers, and some others. This is simply because they are going to continue doing the same work once they join the Nigerian Army.


SSC which also means Short Service Combatant Commission is also a type of recruitment that is meant for graduates from any recognized university or polytechnic. SSC is only meant for those who wish to be combatants in the army as they are always deployed to the fighting departments in the Nigerian Army. So for those who wish to be Combatant, you can apply as SSC when applying for the recruitment. if you want to understand better the difference between DSSC and SSC, you can refer to our article about the difference between DSSC and SSC in the Nigerian Army.

How to join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate

Now let’s go down to the requirements needed to join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate.

Requirements to join join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate

For you to be able to join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate, there are some requirements you need to meet up with.

  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizen as it is defined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended.
  • Applicants either male or female must be between the ages of 22 and 35 years old. This Age limit depends on the one you are applying for. DSSC or SSC.
  • All Applicants must be mentally, medically, and physically fit. This must be confirmed by the Nigerian Army according to Nigerian Army Standards.
  • All the Applicants must be recommended and attested to his/her good character by at least 2  referees who is either a Local Government Chairman/Secretary or an officer of the Armed Forces not below the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel and equivalent or an Assistant Commissioner of Police and above who must hail from the applicant’s state of origin. Passport photographs of referees must be affixed to the letter of attestation.
  • All applicants must not have been convicted by a court of law. If you are Military personnel, you must not have any disciplinary case and must be confirmed so by the Commanding Officer/Commander
  • All the Applied Candidates must submit a Letter of Attestation from their former institutions.
  • Your height must Measure at least 1.68m (for males) and 1.65m (for females)..
  • Applicants must possess at least a first degree with not less than Second Class Lower Division or HND of not less than Lower Credit in the arts, sciences, or humanities from an accredited university or polytechnic. Courses of study must also be accredited at the time of the study.
  • All the Applicants must possess a valid birth certificate which must be signed by the National Population Commission, Hospital, or Local Government Council, or a valid age declaration from the court of law.
  • Applicants must have a valid certificate of state of origin.
  • Applicants (other than serving members of the Armed Forces) must have their NYSC certificate or a valid certificate of exemption.
  • Applicants must present valid contact addresses and phone numbers of parents/guardians and Next of Kin.
  • All applicants must not have any body inscriptions or tattoos on their bodies.
  • Candidates must provide all the original copies of educational certificates from primary to secondary school.
  • All the Service personnel must present a valid military ID card and letter of recommendation from their Commanding Officers/Commanders. They must also present valid letter(s) of official sponsorship in tertiary academic institutions. Additionally, they must have served for a minimum period of 5 years in the Armed Forces of Nigeria. All service personnel applicants are under obligation to declare their service status on the application as required by Harmonized Terms and Conditions of Service for the Armed Forces of Nigeria. Failing to do so constitutes an offense in addition to disqualification at any stage.
  • Candidates who wish to join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate must not be a member of any cult/secret society/fraternity.

If you wish to apply for the Nigerian Army as a graduate, You have to visit the Nigerian Army recruitment official website and apply for either DSSC or SSC

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