Is Palmpay Legit? Palmpay Review 2024 (Legit Or Scam)

Most of my readers who are fans of online banking has been asking questions if Palmpay is Legit or not, whether they can keep their money in this digital online banking. This question started coming in immediately after we wrote about the Opay Online Banking Review whether it’s legit or Scam. In this post we will also write our own review on this online bank to explain our experience with the app.

Please note that our review is always based on our experience while using the app in conjunction with some of our readers review and some other few research.

Before we talk about how legit Palmpay is, let’s look at what makes people think that this online bank is a scam and may not last for so long.

Is Palmpay Legit

Palmpay is a digital online bank that offers many discount to it’s users just like the way Opay Online Banking does. Example is steady cashbacks on airtime recharges. Secondly is free transaction fees and some other services which you can be charged for while using other banking services.

Because of this, many of the users thinks that Palmpay may be doing all this but to acquire users and may decide to stop their service anytime soon. So now let’s discuss our own review concerning Palmpay Online digital banking.

Is Palmpay Legit?

Palmpay is a Legit intuitive digital wallet with account opening, money transfer, bill payments and earn as you spend. Palmpay is a mobile online money operator which is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The users’ funds are as well covered by Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC. So your money is. safe with Palmpay. PalmPay is owned by Transsnet which is a joint venture firm between Transsion and Netease.

Palmpay is trusted by many Nigerians as it makes banking so easy. Palmpay has more than 10 million Downloads online. This simply means that a large number of men are using the Online Banking. Palmpay also has partners like UBA, Access, Visa and MasterCard.

Not just that, Palmpay also offers loans to their customers without any collecteral. This has made Palmpay stand out from most other digital banking.

So concerning our review on Palmpay if it’s legit or scam, From the information you read above, we believe you understand our review concerning this online digital banking.

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