Highest Paid Force In Nigeria 2024 (Updated)

Highest Paid Force In Nigeria 2024.

We have three forces which is the Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Army and the Nigerian AirForce in Nigeria. The three armed forces are also called the Nigerian Military. These three Forces in the Armed forces of Nigeria are paid differently even though they are working for the same goal. The question is which of the forces is the highest paid force in Nigeria? will break it down for you to understand the highest paid force among the three and how much they are being paid as monthly salary.

Before we go down to the highest paid force in Nigeria 2024 or how much each Forces are being paid, Note that we are not talking about allowances which is attached to each Force because each allowance varies, it depends on where you are working at that moment. Let me explain better. A Naval Officer who is in the base will not receive the allowance a Naval Officer who has spent like 30 days in the Sea. An army officer who is in the barracks won’t be paid the same money an officer in the war front is being paid. For that reason, we will only be looking at the basic salary of both army, Navy and the Air Force.

Which Force is the Highest Paid Force In Nigeria?

The Nigerian Navy is the highest paid force in Nigeria as the highest rank in the Nigerian Navy, Admiral is being paid N2,528,593 monthly.

Highest paid force in Nigeria

Second Highest Paid Force In Nigeria.

The Second highest paid force in Nigeria is the Nigerian Air Force as the Highest rank in the Nigerian Air Force is being paid N1,720,675 monthly.

Lowest Paid Force In Nigeria

The Lowest Paid Force In Nigeria is the Nigerian Army as the highest rank in the Nigerian Army is being paid N1,670,897 monthly.

I know some may still have little doubt but let’s look at the ranks and salary of each Force in the Armed forces for you to see the salary structures. Let’s start with the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army Ranks And Salary


Private Soldier is paid– #50,200
Lance Corporal earns – #57,200
Corporal is paid – #65,200
Sergeant collects – #72,200
Staff Sergeant is paid – #90,200
Warrant Officer earns – #110,200
Master Warrant Officer earns – #150,200
Army Warrant Officer earns – #180,200


Second Lieutenant earns – #180,200
Lieutenant is paid – #220,200
Captain gets – #240,200
Major is paid– #300,200
Lieutenant Colonel collects – #350,200
Colonel is paid – #550,200
Brigadier General gets (1 Star General) – #750,200
Major General (2 Star General) – #950,200
Lieutenant General (3 Star General) – 1 Million
General(4 Star General) – 1.6 Million.

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Let’s also look at the Nigerian Air Force Ranks And Salary

Nigerian Air Force Salary 2024 And Ranks

The Non commissioned officers:

Trainee earns N10,707 monthly
Aircraft man/woman is paid N53,342 monthly
Lance Corporal is paid N57,902 monthly
Corporal collects N61,764 monthly
Sergeant collects N75,874 monthly
Flight Sergeant earns N96,896 monthly
Warrant Officer is paid N120,985 monthly
Master Warrant Officer collects N185,285
Cadet (Trainee) is paid N44,047 monthly
Air Warrant Officer salary is N191,098 monthly

The Commissioned Officers.

A Pilot Officer’s salary is N202,199 monthly
Flying Officer’s salary is N228,470 monthly
Flight Lieutenant earns N252,494 as monthly salary
Squadron Leader is paid N298,034 monthly
Wing Comdr earns N352,526 monthly salary
Group Captain earns N382,621 monthly
Air Commodore collects N697,825 as monthly salary
Air Vice-Marshal is paid N1,386,323 as a monthly salary
Air Marshal is paid N1,496,421 as a monthly salary
Air Chief Marshal earns N1,794,223 monthly

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The Last is the Nigerian Navy.

Nigerian Navy Salary 2024 And Ranks


Admiral is paid N2,524,299 monthly
Vice-Admiral earns N1,876,091 monthly
Rear Admiral collects N1,366,393 monthly
Commodore is paid N744,570 monthly salary
Captain Earns N458,074 monthly
Lieutenant collects N292,494 as monthly
Sub-Lieutenant is paid N217,459 monthly
Midshipman earns N200,199 monthly


Warrant Chief Petty Officer is paid N155,655 Monthly
Chief Petty Officer Collects N120,572 monthly
Petty Officer is paid N90,254 monthly
Leading Seaman earns N72,659 monthly
Able Seaman Collects N68,850 monthly
Seaman is Paid N58,005 monthly.
Ordinary Seaman earns N53,851 monthly
Trainee is paid N10,220 monthly.

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When you also check out the list above, You will know that the Nigerian Navy is the highest paid force in Nigeria.

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