DSSC Ranks and Salary 2024 (Updated)

DSSC Ranks and salary 2024 is what we will be discussing in this post. The DSSC is a type of commission which is Applicable to the armed forces of Nigeria, that is the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Air Force. It as referred to as the Direct Short Service Commission. The Direct Short Service Ranks is the rank which is given to those who joined the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy or Nigerian Air Force as a Graduate. For those who wants to join the Nigerian Armed forces as a Graduate, we have written an article on how to join the Nigerian Army as a graduate, how to join the Nigerian Navy as a Graduate and how to join the Nigerian Air Force As a graduate.

The DSSC Ranks is the different from those who joined the Nigerian Military through the Nigerian Defence Academy. Those that joined through the Nigerian Defence Academy are called regular cadets and they pass out of the institution to become regular officers in the Nigerian Military.

DSSC Ranks and Salary

Meanwhile, we have written about the DSSC Ranks and salary in some of our previous posts but we did that for each of the force in the military but in this post, we will show you all the Direct Short Service Ranks and salary structure. But If want to read separately, you can see the Nigerian Army DSSC Ranks and salary, Nigerian Navy DSSC Ranks and salary and the Nigerian Air Force DSSC Ranks and salary.


Which Rank is given to DSSC?

After completing your training and commissioned as a DSSC Officer, You will be giving the Rank of 2nd Lieutenant for Army, Sub Lieutenant for Navy and Flying Officer for Air Force.

Below is the complete DSSC Ranks and Salary 2024

Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Ranks And Salary

  • Lieutenant- N180,000
  • Captain- N220,000
  • Major- N300,000
  • Lieutenant colonel- N350,000
  • Colonel- N550,000
  • Brigadier General- N750,000

Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Ranks and Salary

  1. Sub Lieutenant is paid N219,785 monthly.
  2. Lieutenant is paid N294,655 Monthly.
  3. Lieutenant Commander is paid N340,567 Monthly.
  4. Commander is paid N402,876 Monthly.
  5. Captain is paid N450,075 Monthly.
  6. Commodore is paid N745,879 Monthly.

Nigerian AirForce Direct Short Service Ranks and salary

  • Air Commodore – N677, 895 monthly Salary
  • Group Captain – N352, 631 monthly Salary
  • Wing Commander – N342, 586 monthly Salary
  • Squadron Leader – N248, 004 monthly Salary
  • Flight Lieutenant – N232, 484 monthly Salary
  • Flying Officer – N218,400 Monthly Salary

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