Top 10 Biggest Cities In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that has 36 states including FCT making it 37 states. Nigeria has many Cities In it. Many people who are just visiting Nigeria for the first time and some other people who don’t travel much but are in the country has been asking questions about the biggest cities in Nigeria. In this post, Gistbriefly is going to list the top 10 biggest cities in Nigeria.

We all know that Nigeria is Generally known as the “Giant of Africa,” that is not just a name that any country can just jump up and start dragging. Nigeria is one of the most populated African Country with about 200 million people living in it. Because of the Nigerian population, Nigerian had been going through Urbanization recently as different region trying to develop their states.

We all also know that Nigeria is made of different tribes, and as those tribes are settled in different places, they will like to develop their areas and that is why Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa that has the highest developed cities. Before talking more let’s just go down to the biggest cities in Nigeria and see where they are located.

Biggest Cities In Nigeria

Please note that this list of biggest cities in Nigeria is does not mean the same thing as biggest state in Nigeria. A state can be as big as possible but there is no developed cities inside. So in this post, Gistbriefly are not just talking about state but only developed part of the state which is known as City.

Top 10 Biggest Cities In Nigeria

1. Lagos

Lagos is the biggest City in Nigeria. I know many people will say that Lagos is a state but the truth is that almost all part of Lagos State is developed that’s why it is refered to as City. When we wrote about the Richest state in Nigeria, Lagos was still at number one of the richest states in Nigeria this is because Lagos is refered to as the economic and commercial base in Nigeria.

If the whole state can be referred to as City, there is no need to ask why it is the biggest City in Nigeria.

2. Kano

Number 2 on our list of the biggest cities in Nigeria is Kano. This one can be confusing because Kano state capital is also known as Kano. But in this case, we are only talking about the Capital. The Capital of Kano State which is Kano is one of the biggest Cities In Nigeria. We all know that Kano has many population and many of those staying in Kano state are trying to make it to the state Capital Hereby making the Capital Expand and keeps on developing. Kano is located in the Northern region of Nigeria. Kano is also Known for its ancient walls and rich Islamic heritage

In the city of Kano, You can find thiny like the Great Mosque, Emir’s Palace, and the Kurmi Market.

3. Ibadan

The number 3 on our list of the biggest cities in Nigeria is Ibadan. Ibadan is the Capital City of Oyo State. Ibadan is located in the southwestern Part of the country. For those who has not being to Ibadan and want to know why Ibadan was listed among the biggest Cities In Nigeria,

Ibadan has many educational institutions, including the University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s premier university. There are many development which has entered Ibadan and it expanded the City making it one of the biggest cities in Nigeria. When you enter Ibadan, you will see things like the Cocoa House, an iconic skyscraper that stands as a symbol of Nigeria’s agriculture.You will Also See the Ibadan National Museum and see some of the traditional items which mostly concern the Yoruba people.

4. Abuja

The number 4 city on our list of the biggest Cities In Nigeria is Abuja.
As the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja has developed all the environs making almost all part of the FCT developed. Though Abuja is not as big as other states which is mentioned above but every part of the state is well developed. When you enter Abuja, You will see things like the Ask Rock, National Assembly, National Mosque and different other remarkable things.

Abuja is the Nigeria’s political center. Planned and constructed in the 1980s, Apart from Abuja being well developed, it is also one of the most quite City in Nigeria.

5. Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is one of the biggest City in Nigeria, Not just biggest, it is also one of the finest city in Nigeria.

Port Harcourt is a town that is located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. It is the Capital City of Rivers State. Port Harcourt is a major oil town and the economic center of southern Nigeria. The city of Port Harcourt is known for its oil refineries, industrial activities, and different Seaports. Only inside port Harcourt, you can see places like Beach, Isaac Boro Park, and the University of Port Harcourt. The whole city of Port Harcourt is well developed and it is one of the biggest City in Nigeria.

6. Benin City

Coming at number 6 on our list of the biggest Cities In Nigeria is Benin City. Benin City is is the Capital Of Edo State. Benin City is in the southern part of Nigeria, The reason Benin City is developed to even become one of the biggest City in Nigeria is because the city was the capital of the ancient Benin Empire, known for its bronze artwork. The city is home to the National Museum, showcasing different collections of Nigerian artifacts which includes the almighty famous Benin Bronzes. When you enter Benin City, You will see Places like the Oba’s Palace, the Benin City Walls, and the Igun Street, where local artisans create different types of bronze sculptures.

7. Maiduguri

The number 7 on our list of the biggest Cities In Nigeria is Maiduguri. I know that many people has not visited this City due to the current insurgency which the City has Faced for some time. But the truth is that the City didn’t face much insurgency but the State did. So everyone is classifying them as the same.

Maiduguri is the Capital of Borno State. It is located in the northeastern part of Nigeria. Despite being affected by the Boko Haram insurgency, Maiduguri remains an important cultural and economic center because it has many bothers connecting different countries to Nigeria.

The city of Maiduguri is known for its large markets, such as the Monday Market and the Baga Road Market. When you visit Maiduguri You can go to places like Shehu’s Palace, there you can learn much about the Kanuri heritage, and the Chad Basin National Park which is also known for it’s wildlife.

8. Zaria

Zaria is a big time that is located in Kaduna State. Zaria is not the capital city of Kaduna but it is still bigger than Kaduna which is the capital of Kaduna.

Why is Zaria more developed than the capital city? The Answer is just because the Kaduna State government focused on developing Zaria first be of the important things they have there like the Nigerian Army training ground Depot.

Zaria is located in Northwestern Part of Nigeria, Zaria is known for its educational institutions. You can see almighty Ahmadu Bello University which is one of Nigeria’s leading universities. In Zaria you can also see places like the Gidan Sarki, a palace dating back to the 19th century, and the Emir of Zazzau’s Palace.

9. Jos

Number 9 city on our list is the city of Jos. Jos is the Capital of Plateau State and one of the coldest state in Nigeria. Just has landmass of developed places Jos is located in North central of Nigeria. One of the reasons why Jos developed to become one of the biggest City in Nigeria is because of the Cold wether. Because of the city’s moderate climate, beautiful lands, Jos has become one of the states that receives most tourist in Nigeria. When you visit Jos City, You can see things like the National Museum, the Jos Wildlife Park, and the Shere Hills.

10. Ilorin

The last state on our list of the biggest Cities in Nigeria is the City of Nigeria. Ilorin is located in Kwara State, Ilorin is the tenth largest city in Nigeria.

The reason why this city is one of the biggest City in Nigeria is because the city is a blend of Yoruba, Hausa, and Fulani but mostly the Yorubas. When you visits Ilorin you will see beautiful places like the Esie Museum, a place that has the largest collection of stone images in West Africa. The city’s central mosque, the Ilorin Emir’s Palace, and the Sobi Hill.

The above listed Cities are the biggest Cities in Nigeria for now. I know some of you may be having one or two states in mind to make the list but sorry for the disappointment.

This article was written based on our research. If you have any observations or questions, you can ask using the comment section below.

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