How To Download Paid Ebooks For Free

The technology has gone so far in a way that we can say that everything is possible. Many people don’t have to go to bookshops again in other to get books. You can simply download your favorite ebooks online and then read offline. But the problem now is most of those ebooks are also paid which means you still need to pay for them before you can be able to download them. In this post, gistbriefly will be giving you free tips and tricks on how to download paid Ebooks for free.

Before we discuss about how to download these paid Ebooks for free, let’s first understand what ebooks are and how they are being used.

Ebooks which in full is called electronic books are digital versions of printed books that can be accessed and read on electronic devices such as e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and computers. As we explained in our introduction, With the advancement of technology, ebooks have become one of the most popular way to feed books online without having to go to any bookshop.

Ebooks come in various formats. The formats includes EPUB, PDF, MOBI, and AZW, and some other versions. One good thing I love most about ebooks bis that they offer readers the opportunity to adjust font sizes, change background colors, highlight text, and even add bookmarks when reading them though sometimes it may depend on the format of the e-book and the reader you are using to view the file making it a customizable reading experience.

Many e-readers and reading apps also provide features like dictionary integration and synchronization across multiple devices, allowing users to continue reading where they stopped anytime you go back to read the ebook. For those who don’t understand what we mean by E-readers and reading apps, they are simply apps or readers which you can use to read ebook when sent to you or after download.

How to download paid Ebooks for free

There are different advantages of reading ebooks instead of getting physical books. Firstly, ebooks are instantly accessible this simply means that you don’t need to be walking around with books, you can always open up your ebooks anywhere using your smartphones. You can purchase or download ebooks online and start reading them immediately, In this case, there is no need to visit a physical bookstore or wait for shipping.

Secondly, ebooks are portable. With an e-reader or any compatible device, you can carry hundreds or even thousands of books in a single compact device, Also, ebooks are sometimes affordable than the printed books, and there are also many free ebook which is available for those who don’t have a dime to buy books at the local bookshops.

With Ebooks you don’t have to be looking for a shop that sells a particular kind of books as all types of books are all available in Ebook format online, including fiction, non-fiction, self-help, educational, and others. Ebooks provide a digital platform for authors to publish their works and reach a global audience.

It is important for you to understand that it is very important to respect copyright laws and support authors and publishers by obtaining ebooks through legal means, such as purchasing them from reputable platforms or borrowing them from libraries that offer digital lending services. We know that we are providing you a means to get different kinds of ebooks for free without having to pay but note that we respect copyright laws as we don’t own the websites that provides such service.

Now let’s see how you can download paid Ebooks for free.

To download paid Ebooks for free, you need to get them from some websites that uploads these Ebooks for free. There are many websites that offers this service but we will only be discussing the trusted and reliable ones.

Websites To Download Paid Ebooks For Free

1. Project Gutenberg

For those looking for how to download paid Ebooks for free, Project Gutenberg is the first website on our list where you can download paid Ebooks for free. Project Gutenberg offers over 60,000 paid ebooks for free in various formats. It provides public domain works, which are books whose copyrights have expired.

Project Gutenberg is a non-profit organization dedicated to digitizing and distributing books that are in the public domain. It was founded by Michael Hart in 1971, Project Gutenberg purpose is to make literature accessible to a wide audience by providing free Ebooks to users to download without any form of subscription or payment.

According to Project Gutenberg,  The primary goal is to create a digital library that offers a different collection of books that are no longer protected by copyright laws. These books include literature, historical documents, non-fiction texts, and many more. The project focuses on promoting literacy and education.

The books available on Project Gutenberg are provided in different electronic formats, such as EPUB, HTML, plain text, and even PDF. These formats are among the most popular formats online with different reading devices, allowing users to access the books on e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

One of the important aspect of Project Gutenberg is its team of dedicated volunteers. These volunteers are said to tirelessly work to digitize books, proofread the texts, and ensure that the digital copies are accurate and high-quality. The project encourages people from around the world to contribute their time and skills to help expand the collection and make more books available to readers everywhere.

Project Gutenberg has made a very good impact on the literary world by giving free access to literature. This simply means that It has opened up the opportunity for readers to see different classic works and lesser known texts without any financial problem because the ebooks are provided for free. From different kinds of novels to history, Project Gutenberg also allows users to discover, read, and appreciate a different kinds of books from different eras and generation.

Please you should always understand that while Project Gutenberg provides free access to paid ebooks for free, You should also respect copyright laws and obtain books through legitimate means for works still protected by copyright.

2. Open Library

When we are talking about how to download paid Ebooks for free, Open Library should come to your mind. Open Library is an open, editable library that has millions of paid eBooks that you can download for free. You can borrow, read, and even download books in various formats.

Open Library is an online platform that provides universal access to books. It is an initiative of the Internet Archive, a non profit digital library that was founded in 2005 by Brewster Kahle. Open Library’s mission is to build a web page for every book ever published and make them accessible to anyone, anywhere, for free even if it’s a paid one.

Open Library operates as both a digital lending library and and a download site for Ebooks. The collection consists of books that are in the public domain, as well as books for which the author or publisher has granted permission for lending or online reading.

For those who want to download paid Ebooks for free can visit the Open Library website, search for the titles of the e-book or authors, and download the available books in different formats such as PDF, EPUB, and you can even read it in a web browser. Registered users have the ability to borrow books digitally, just the same way you are borrowing from a local library. Books can be borrowed for a period and are made available to one borrower at a time, because of the established lending policies.

In addition to its lending library, Open Library also serves as a comprehensive catalog, indexing information about millions of books, including publication details, covers, and related data. It also create a virtual card catalog for every book ever published, making it a valuable resource for researchers and book enthusiasts.

Open Library relies on the collaboration and contributions from people and institutions worldwide that’s why their service is free.

3. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is a website that provides you with paid Ebooks for free. With ManyBooks, You can download books in different formats, including ePub, PDF, and Kindle.

ManyBooks is an online platform where you can get different collection of paid ebooks for free. The website was Founded in the year 2004.

ManyBooks has thousands of ebooks in different formats, including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and many more. That made them compatible with popular e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

ManyBooks also helps and supports independent authors to publish and share their works. The platform gives authors an opportunity to distribute their books, reaching many readers worldwide.

4. Librivox

The next place where you can get paid Ebooks for free is Librivox. Librivox allow users to download paid Ebooks for free. They also offers free audiobooks their website.

Librivox is a non profit website that provides paid Ebooks as free audiobooks for download. Librivox was founded in the year 2005 by Hugh McGuire, Librivox helps in making Ebooks accessible to many for free by enlisting volunteers to record audio versions of books that are no longer protected by copyright and publish them for their readers to download.

Librivox has many collection of audiobooks in different categories such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and many more. The books from renowned authors like Jane Austen, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, and many others. These audiobooks are available in multiple languages, allowing users from different regions to enjoy good Ebooks in their native tongue.

One of the good thing concerning  Librivox is that its volunteer driven model. People from around the world contribute their time and voice to record chapters of books. These volunteers work collectively to create complete audiobooks, with each chapter being recorded by a different person. Because of the collaborative efforts, It ensures a rich good voices and accents, helps the listening experience for users attractive.

The audiobooks provided by Librivox are available for free streaming and download in various formats, including MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. This accessibility allows users to listen to their favorite books on different devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and MP3 players.

5. Internet Archive

The number 5 website where you can download paid Ebooks for free is Internet Archive.  Archive is a digital library that contains millions of books, as well as other media, such as movies, music, and websites. This website has millions of paid ebooks that can be downloaded for free.

The Internet Archive is an online digital library that was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle. The website provides free and open access to many digital materials, including books, movies, music, websites, and many more. Their mission is to provide universal access to knowledge and preserve culture, and promote open access to information through their free offering of Ebooks for download.

The Internet Archive collects and digitizes various types of materials, making them available for free to users around the world. Internet Archive has a collection of millions of books, recordings, images, software, and web pages. Users can access these materials through the Internet Archive’s website which functions as a digital library and multimedia archive.

One of the notable projects of the Internet Archive is the Wayback Machine, which is an extensive archive of web pages. It crawls and captures snapshots of websites over time, allowing users to explore how websites have evolved and access content that may no longer be available on the live web.

The Internet Archive operates several programs and initiatives with the purchase of preserving and providing access to digital materials. These include the Open Library, a digital lending library that offers free access to millions of books, and the TV News Archive, which archives and provides access to news broadcasts from around the world.

In addition to its archiving efforts, the Internet Archive also supports collaborative projects and partnerships. It works with various organizations, libraries, and institutions to digitize and preserve cultural artifacts, documents, and scholarly works.

6. Google Books

Many of us already know Google Books. Google books has a different collection of books, including many that are out of copyright. While not all books are available for free download, you can find a significant number of free eBooks on the platform. And mind you many of those Ebooks that are free there can be for sale in another platform.

Google Books which is also known as Google Book Search, is an online project by Google that helps to digitize and make accessible many collection of books. Google books was Launched in the year 2004, Google Books collaborates with many libraries and publishers worldwide to digitize physical books and provide users with the ability to search, preview, and in some cases, read the full text of books online.

The primary goal of Google Books is to create a different digital library that allows users to read and access a many books from various topics. Users can search for the book titles, authors, or topics, and Google Books provides search results that include relevant book information, previews, and links to websites where the book can be purchased or borrowed.

One of the reasons why I love Google Books is because of its advanced search capabilities. Users can use various search parameters, such as keywords, phrases, publication dates, and more to refine their search results. This makes it easier for people to find specific information within books and conduct their research on particular topics.

The only thing I don’t like about Google books is that not all books on Google Books are available for full reading due to copyright restrictions, though you can read  some portion of the book through its “snippet view” or “limited preview.”

Google Books has caused discussions about copyright and fair use, leading to legal disputes and debates about intellectual property. Even with that, the project has also been praised for their efforts to make books more accessible online as Ebooks.

7. Project Muse

Project Muse is another place where you can get paid Ebooks for free for those asking about how to download paid Ebooks for free. This website gives you free access to a selection of scholarly books and journals which most of them a paid. One downside of this website is that it only focuses on academic content, it can only be a valuable resource for research and learning.

Project MUSE was Launched in the 1993. Am sure many of where not born when this website was lunched. Project muse also collaborates with a different publishers and scholarly societies to give us high quality resources in the humanities and social sciences.

As we have said earlier, The primary goal of Project muse is to promote and facilitate scholarly research, So that it can be a home for scholars, researchers, and students to access and engage with different kinds of academic publications. Their database covers various disciplines, including literature, history, philosophy, cultural studies, sociology, and many more.

Project muse has made it easy for users as users can search for specific keywords, article titles, authors, or browse journals and books by discipline, publisher, or publication date. Their websites advanced search features enable users to refine their search results to find the most relevant and valuable scholarly content.

8. is another site where you can download paid Ebooks for free. The website has different kinds of free eBooks for download which can be for sale in some websites. Before you can be able to download from this website, You need to sign up for a free account to access and download their collection. is an online platform that provides you with different collection of digital books that can be downloaded and read for free. It was founded in the year 2004 with the vision of providing readers worldwide with access to a Free Ebooks. different selection of books counting from classic literature to contemporary novels, academic texts, self-help books, and others. Users can visit the website’s library and download ebooks in various formats, like PDF, EPUB, and MOBI which are compatible with different e-readers and devices.

The website has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for readers to search for the titles and authors. With millions of registered users, is one of the most popular place where you can get paid Ebooks for free. also provides self-publishing opportunities for authors and indie writers. It allows authors to share their works with their large audience, With that, it is easy for both readers and writers to connect and discover new talent.

While the majority of ebooks on are free to download, the platform also has a premium membership program, which provides you with new releases and priority downloads. But if you are not in a hurry, within some months, those Ebooks will also be free of charge.

9. BookBub

The next on our list is Bookbub. Bookbub is another website where you can get paid Ebooks for free. This website has a selection of free and discounted eBooks. Though all books are not for free, but they always do limited-time promotions and special deals on a regular basis.

BookBub is a popular online service which is known for connecting readers with discounted and free ebooks. The website was founded in 2012, BookBub helps readers to discover new books, authors, as they are providing authors and publishers with a platform to promote their works.

BookBub operates as a daily email subscription service, sending personalized book recommendations to their subscribers based on their reading preferences. Users can sign up for free and choose their favorite categories and authors to receive book recommendations directly to their inbox.

BookBub partners with publishers and authors to negotiate deals and promotions on ebooks, including limited-time discounts and even free book offers. Subscribers can take advantage of these promotions. By delivering these deals directly to readers, BookBub introduces them to new authors, encouraging exploration and promoting reading habits.

BookBub’s email newsletters has a selection of books which is meant specifically for each subscriber, including bestselling authors, new releases, and undiscovered new books. Each book listing includes a summary, author biography, book cover, and links to major ebook retailers, or where it can be downloaded for free making it easy for users to download the books they are interested in.

Apart from the email subscription service, BookBub also has a mobile app where users can browse book recommendations, access exclusive deals, and engage with the BookBub community through comments and reviews.

BookBub has also been praised for their comprehensive selection of ebooks across on different genres, as well as its user-friendly website, personalized recommendations, and a very good discounts they give on Ebooks they can’t give for free. The platform has become a trusted source for readers who are interested in affordable and high-quality ebooks, while also providing authors and publishers with a valuable marketing tool to reach a large and engaged people.

10. Amazon Kindle Store

The last on our list on where and how to download paid Ebooks for free is Amazon Kindle Store. Amazon Kindle Store has a section dedicated to free eBooks. You can find many ebooks which are paid free of charge, including classics, self-published works, and promotional Ebooks.

The Amazon Kindle Store is an online marketplace which is meant for digital books, magazines, and other reading materials. It was launched in 2007, Amazon Kindle Store has become one of the largest and most popular platforms for purchasing and accessing ebooks globally.

As a part of Amazon, the Kindle Store has a very large selection of ebooks, covering different genres and topics. From fiction and non-fiction to romance, mystery, self-help, and many more.

The Kindle Store can be accessed through many devices, including Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire tablets, and through the Kindle reading app, which can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, and computers. This allows readers to access their purchased or free books anytime, anywhere, and across multiple devices.

One of the good feature of the Kindle Store is the integration with Amazon’s ecosystem. Users can easily browse and download books directly from the Kindle Store using their Amazon accounts. Kindle devices and apps are also synchronized, enabling readers to pick up where they stopped, regardless of the device they are using.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform also empowers authors to self-publish their work and make it available for sale on the Kindle Store. This opens doors for authors, allowing them to reach a global audience and potentially gain recognition and success.

Users can customize font size, adjust lighting settings, highlight text, take notes, and access a built-in dictionary. These features make reading on Kindle devices or apps user-friendly and interactive.

With its many collection of ebooks, user friendly interface, cross device compatibility, and it’s integration with Amazon’s ecosystem, the Kindle Store has taken over the ebook industry. It has become a go-to platform for readers worldwide.

How to download paid Ebooks for free is very simple as long as you follow the steps we provided above.

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