Strong Decoder Channels In Nigeria, Models And Prices 2024

Many of this new generation in Nigeria don’t know much about strong Decoder because of the invention of Gotv and DStv. If you have been following our articles, we previously wrote a post on how to talk to Gotv Customer care because many people in Nigeria are now familiar with the network. Strong decoder is one of the first digital television network that came to Nigeria. Strong is mostly loved by many people as it has plenty number of channels and their subscriptions is also friendly. In this post, we will be discussing about the strong decoder channels, that is the channels which is available in the Strong Decoder and the subscription Prices.

For those who don’t know about strong Decoder that much, let’s give you a quick rundown concerning this decoder.

Strong Decoder is a brand that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of satellite television receivers and other related accessories. Strong decoder has a history that can be traced  back to 1999, Strong Decoder has established itself as a reputable name in the satellite technology industry.

Strong decoder channels

Strong Decoder has different types satellite receivers that enable users to access a many television channels and content. These receivers are compatible with different satellite systems and provide access to both free-to-air and channels which you need to pay before using, but note that all this  depends on the user’s subscription and location.

The company’s product line includes both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) satellite receivers. They are designed to support various broadcasting standards and formats, so that they can be compatible with multiple satellite providers around the world.

Strong Decoders comes with equipped user-friendly interfaces and good menu systems, and this makes it easy for customers to set up and go through the available channels and and do some other small tasks using their decoders. Strong Decoder also include features such as electronic program guides (EPG), parental control options, favorite channel lists, and connectivity options for accessories like external storage devices or Wi-Fi adapters.

Strong Decoder also comes with accessories like satellite dishes, LNBs (Low Noise Block converters), and other installation components to complete the satellite TV setup.

Strong Decoder is known for their commitment to quality and performance. Strong Decoders are built to withstand various environmental conditions and deliver reliable reception, to ensure a good viewing experience for customers.

The company provides customer support and after sales services to help users with installation, troubleshooting, and any other queries they may have. With their focus on quality, performance, and customer support, Strong Decoder has gained a strong ground in the satellite technology market. Now let’s see the channels available in strong decoder in Nigeria.

Strong Decoder Channels In Nigeria

There are different types of channels which is available on strong Decoder.

1. Local Channels
Strong Decoder has some channels which we refer to as local channels because they are free-to-air local channels in Nigeria. Example of the channels includes names like NTA, Channels Television, AIT, Silverbird TV, and many others, Nigerians always stay updated with the latest news, talk shows, and some things concerning the country and that’s why we refer to them as local channels.

2. International Channels
Without Saying any words, you are supposed to understand what we meant by International channels. They are Channels which is from other countries but mostly focus on news too and talk shows. From CNN to BBC News, Al Jazeera, France24, and many others, Strong Decoder brings international news channels right to the living rooms of Nigerians to help you stay up to date with global affairs, politics, business, and sports with some international channels which falls under this category.

3. Entertainment Channels
For those looking for quality entertainment, Strong Decoder has plenty number of entertainment channels. Strong decoder has movie channels like African Movie Channel, AMC Movies, and M-Net Movies to music channels such as MTV Base, Soundcity, and Hip TV, viewers can enjoy the best of African and international content right from their screens.

4. Sports Channels
Many people in Nigeria are much interested in Sports but strong decoder didn’t disappoint them as they also has a large number of sports channels available on Strong Decoder. From popular sports networks like SuperSport, beIN Sports, and ESPN, fans can catch up on their favorite sporting events, including football, basketball, tennis, boxing, and some other sports, all from the comfort of their homes.

5. Lifestyle and Documentary Channels
When it comes to Lifestyle, I think Strong Decoder does it the best. Strong Decoder also have channels dedicated to lifestyle and documentary programming. From Nat Geo Wild to Discovery Channel, Fashion One, and Food Network, viewers can watch the wonders of the natural world, go into gripping documentaries, and discover the latest trends in fashion and and other interesting things which falls under lifestyle.

6. Kids Channels
Once you have kids, you know that you need a decoder that will offer channels that is meant for kids. Strong Decoder understands the importance of providing quality content for children. With channels like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang, children will feel comfortable looking at the tv screen. These channels shows animated shows, educational programs, and fun-filled entertainment, making learning an enjoyable experience for children.

Below is the full list of the channels available on Strong Decoder In Nigeria.

  • MBC Action
  • MBC 1
  • MBC 2
  • MBC 3
  • MBC 4
  • Angel TV
  • Gabriele TV Africa
  • HC Novo Tempo
  • GTV
  • ABN TV
  • BETV
  • Chosen TV
  • Believe TV
  • HC Morning Star
  • School On-Air
  • Kwese
  • Hosanna
  • GOD TV
  • RAK TV
  • PBN
  • RDV
  • IFILM English
  • El-Shaddai
  • JCC TV
  • BCS TV
  • MFM TV
  • ATV
  • Salem Broadcastion
  • ACNN
  • ACBN
  • CVV
  • ITVN
  • HC Voice of Hope
  • 3ABN
  • TV5 Monde
  • MSG TV
  • KLN
  • RTM
  • UBN
  • WRS
  • Holy Ghost
  • CTV
  • Lumen Christi TV
  • Shekinah TV Sat
  • AKWO
  • Manifestation TV
  • Victorious TV
  • GMTV
  • Act TV
  • Angelic TV
  • Vodacom TEST
  • Yadah TV
  • Champions of Fire TV
  • Channels TV
  • NTA
  • TVC News
  • Super Screen
  • Galaxy TV
  • Silverbird TV
  • LTV
  •   MBI
  •   AIT
  •   Africa Movie Net
  •   COOL-TV

Strong Decoder Models

Now that we know all the channels available in strong decoder let’s now see the models of Strong Decoder available in the market and their Prices.

Strong decoder has different types of models, all depends on your choice and test. We will now discuss the Strong decoder models and their estimated prices in Nigeria. Please note that we cannot be able to give you all the price list of all the strong decoder channels.

1. Strong SRT 4922A+: This model gives different features including full HD support, PVR functionality (record and playback), and multimedia playback capabilities. It is one of the common strong decoder you can find in Nigeria home. The price range for this model in Nigeria is between ₦15,000 to ₦25,000.

2. Strong SRT 4950H: This model is has features like full HD support, HDMI output, USB port, PVR functionality, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is one of the most commonly seen Decoder available in Nigeria. The price range for this model varies from ₦20,000 to ₦30,000.

3. Strong SRT 4955B: This model includes HD support, HDMI output, PVR capabilities, and USB connectivity. This model also has some variations. Some variations of this model also have built-in Wi-Fi. The price for this model is usually between ₦25,000 to ₦35,000.

4. Strong SRT 4954: This model gives you HD support, HDMI output, USB port, and PVR functionality. It may also have some other additional features like card reader slots or built-in Wi-Fi. The price for this model is from ₦25,000 to ₦40,000.

5. Strong SRT 4915: This compact model has HD support, HDMI output, USB port, and PVR capabilities. This model is often priced between ₦15,000 to ₦25,000.

Please keep in mind that these prices are rough estimates and may change at anytime because of market change and Economy. It is always recommended to check with local retailers or online platforms to get the most accurate price for any model.

Below is the complete list of Strong Decoder Models available in Nigeria.

  • SRT 4935
  • SRT 4672
  • SRT 4940
  • SRT 4950H
  • SRT 4955B
  • SRT 4922A
  • SRT 4663XV
  • SRT 4672II
  • SRT 4675
  • SRT 4675A
  • SRT 4920
  • SRT 4920A
  • SRT 4922
  • SRT 4922D+
  • SRT 4930L
  • SRT 4935II
  • SRT 4950H
  • SRT 4950M
  • SRT 4953
  • SRT 4955
  • SRT 4957
  • SRT 4962I

As you all know, our topic is based on strong decoder channels in Nigeria, models and prices. There are other strong Decoder channels available which is not mentioned on this list because they are not available in Nigeria but available in other countries.

For now, many people are not much interested in strong decoders as they now have many competitors in the industry of the television network. Feel free to ask questions using the comment section below.

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