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Oldest Person In Nigeria. Nigeria is a country with a long and rich history.Within its borders are people of all ages, from young children to the elderly. In fact, the Nigerian population is quite large in terms of age. According to the most recent census data, the median age in the country is 19.1 years old. This means that half of the population is older than 19.1 years, and half is younger. While the median age might be relatively young, there are still a large number of elderly citizens in the country.

In fact, according to the same census data, 6.4% of the population is 60 years old or older. This means that there are quite a few elderly citizens in the country who have lived long and eventful lives. In this article, Gistbriefly will give you details of the oldest person in Nigeria. We will also explore the lives of the oldest man and woman in Nigeria. These are people who have witnessed a great deal of history in their lifetimes and who have interesting stories to share. Now let’s go down to the Oldest Person In Nigeria.

The Oldest Person in Nigeria 2024

The oldest person in Nigeria is Mr Luke Ahama Nwachukwu who is 126 Years Old. He is from Imo State. Mr Luke Ahama Nwachukwu is a roofmaker who was born in 1896. He is currently 126 years old.

Oldest person in Nigeria

Mr Luke Ahama Nwachukwu attributes his long life to his strong faith in God. He is a devout Christian who says that he has never missed a day of prayer in his life. Mr Luke Ahama Nwachukwu is also a healthy man. He says that he has always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Mr Luke Ahama Nwachukwu is an active man who still participates in his community.

The Oldest Man in Nigeria

The Oldest Man in Nigeria Presently is Mr Luke Ahama Nwachukwu who is from Abia State. He is currently 126 Years Old.

Oldest person in Nigeria

Without saying anything about the oldest man in the country, you are supposed to know that he is still Mr Luke Ahama Nwachukwu as he is also a man and oldest person in the country. So because of that, we don’t have much to say about the oldest man in country because we have already discussed about him in the second paragraph when discussing about the oldest person in Nigeria. Now, let’s talk about the oldest woman in country.

The Oldest Woman in Nigeria

The oldest woman in Nigeria is Nonye Josephine Ezeanyaeche. Nonye Josephine Ezeanyaeche is 102 years old. She was born in 1918. Nonye Josephine Ezeanyaeche is from Aguata L.G.A Anambra State.

Oldest woman in Nigeria

She is the founder of ‘Voice for Senior Citizens of Nigeria’ group. Recently in 2024, there was an article by Sahara reporters that she declared interest in running for the position of Nigerian’s President.

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