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New Glo Recharge Code 2024 (Updated)

It’s not a news that many telecommunication network has changed their recharge codes, not just recharge code, some has also changed the code for checking account balance and even codes for buying Data and many more. So in this post, we will be looking at the new GLO recharge code.

Talking about the new GLO code, there are some things you need to understand. There are some promos which is always released by the Glo network which makes them not to have one code. For example, there is a plan in the Glo network which is called Glo 5× Recharge. To recharge you line to get this special offer, you have to dial *555* pin # on your mobile phone to enjoy the Glo 5× Recharge.


New Glo Recharge Code

To recharge your Glo line using the new GLO recharge code, dial *123* Recharge PIN# using your preferred Glo SIM Card. Please note that some telecommunication networks is still rolling out some new codes and these codes will also be updated here once there is any changes.

Glo Yakata New Code

Some people who are already familiar with the Glo yakata has also been asking questions on how to recharge the Glo yakata. Now let’s discuss on how to archive that.

  1. Firstly you need to dial *203# on your mobile phone to join Glo Yakata.
  2. Secondly, to confirm if you have successfully migrated to the Glo Yakata plan, dial *100#
  3. Next, You need to recharge your Glo account using the normal Glo recharge code *123* Recharge PIN#.
  4. That’s all on how to recharge your Glo yakata line.

New Glo Recharge Code for Data

Another thing we need to talk about is the New Glo Code for data. If you want to subscribe to any data of your choice without first loading the recharge card first, there is a code provided by Glo to make it easier.

The new GLO recharge code for data is *223* Recharge PIN#. Please note that when you use this method to recharge your phone, I automatically purchase a data plan worth the amount you recharged. You can read on our previous post about the New Glo Data plans and Prices.

This is all we have about the newly introduced code for Glo. In case any of the codes mentioned above didn’t work for you, you are advised to call the Glo customer care on 121 and they will ask you the serial number of the card and your line will be recharged automatically from their end.

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