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9Mobile Tariff Plans 2024 and Migration Codes

Welcome to our blog post on 9Mobile Tariff Plans 2024 and Migration Codes. In this post, we will be taking a look at the various tariff plans that 9Mobile has to offer consumers for the year 2024. We will also be providing readers with the migration codes for each of these tariffs plans so that they can easily switch over to the plan that is best suited for their needs. Without further saying much, let’s get started. For MTN users, we have written an article on the MTN Tariff plans and Migration Codes

9Mobile Tariff Plans 2024 and Migration Codes

9Mobile has rolled out some new tariff plans that has been effective from 1 January 2024. The plans, which are designed to meet the needs of different customers and are available for migration.

9Mobile Tariff Plans

9Mobile have about 6 tariff plans for prepaid Customers. Customers can choose the plan that best suits their needs, based on the number of minutes, SMS and data they require. In addition to the new tariff plans, customers can also migrate to any of these plans at any time

9Mobile Tariff Plans 2024 for Prepaid Customers

There are 6 9Mobile tariff plans for prepaid customers.

  • 9Mobile Morecliq Tariff Plan

More cliq is a prepaid package that lets you make calls @11.26k/sec after the first 50 sec of national calls charged 25.6k/sec, perfect for the youth. Upon attainment of 50-sec calls for the day, the customer is rewarded with 30MB; this happens daily. Customers at Morecliq are also rewarded with 500MB @ N50 night plan to be used between 12am – 5am. opt in code is *282*22#. This can be purchased as many times as possible.

Also, morecliq customers call themselves and split the call rate equally when initiated Add ‘274’ at the beginning of the number to be called. E.g 274809xxxxxxx

Morecliq Migration Code

To migrate to Morecliq, dial 200 and press 2 on a new 9mobile sim or switch from an existing line by dialing *244*1#.

  • 9Mobile Moretalk Tariff Plan

This is a 9Mobile prepaid package that lets you make calls @ 25k/sec to all networks on usage of N25 a day. This Tariff plan is perfect for family & friends. You also get ₦300 free for a week to call five 9mobile numbers when you recharge ₦200 or get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 for a week. You also get free 10 mb weekly. To get 10mb weekly, simply recharge ₦100 worth of Air time and you will be credited with the Bonus data. You will also enjoy receiver pays, that is you can make calls even when you don’t have airtime while your receiver pays for the calls.

9Mobile Moretalk Tariff Plan Migration Code

To migrate to 9Mobile Moretalk Tariff Plan, dial 200 and press 1 on a new 9mobile sim or switch from an existing line by dialing *244*2#.

For ‘you & me’

Dial *233*1*[9mobile number]# to register a number.

Dial*233*2*[9mobile number]# to remove a number.

Dial *233# to list your ‘you & me’ numbers.

For ‘receiver pays’

Dial 268 before the number you want to call. e.g: 2680809xxxxxxx

Your receiver will be prompted to pay for the initiated call

  • 9Mobile Cliqlite Tariff Plan

This prepaid package is designed for children & teenagers between the ages of 8-15 years. voice calls charged @ 20.48k/s -30.72k/sec after N25.60 daily usage. perfect for learning & development.

In this Tariff plan, For every billed SMS, you will be granted a free SMS to any 9mobile line, you also get 1 free minute for every 5 minutes call from other networks. Recharge N100 weekly & get 10MB to browse any site & free access to browse 6 educational site, 1 game site & 1 social site.

Whitelist & blacklist service are available by default. Dial *256*1# for whitelist & *257*1# for blacklist.

This Tariff Plan comes with parental control. The parental control portal allows you to select the websites that your children are allowed to view. There is also Cliqlite Learning App. It is an interactive tool for learning for students, parents, and teachers. Educational content for students from Kindergarten, Primary school, Junior Secondary school, Senior Secondary school.

9Mobile Tariff Plan Migration Code

To migrate to 9mobile Tariff plan, Dial 200 and press 5 on a new 9mobile sim or switch from an existing line by dialing *244*10#.

  • 9Mobile Morelife complete Tariff Plan

The 9mobile Morelife prepaid package lets you make calls @11 kobo/sec to all networks in Naija including top international destinations & also enjoy 11GB at ₦3,000. You will enjoy calls to all local networks at 11k per second after a daily access fee of ₦5.12 (VAT inclusive) applies on the 1st call of the day.

9Mobile Morelife Complete Migration Code

To migrate to morelife complete Tariff Plan, dial *620*1# or send 1 to 620 from your 9mobile line.

  • 9Mobile Moreflex Tariff Plan

This Tariff plan is like a bundle, It has a Moreflex 500 which gives you 500MB and #1000. To buy the bundle, dial *320*1*1# , Moreflex 1000 also gives you 1.5GB and #2000 worth of airtime to buy the bundle, dial *320*1*2#, and Moreflex 2000 that gives you 3GB data and #4000 worth of airtime. To buy this bundle, dial *320*1*3#. The airtime can be used for both Local and international calls.

  • to opt-in to a moreflex plus bundle, dial *320#
  • to check balance, dial *232#
  • to opt-out, dial *344*0# (customer remains on moreflex default tariff until migration into one of these products e.g moretalk, morelife complete)
  • on/off-net calls @ 45k/sec, SMS @ ₦4, MMS@ N100 & pay as you go data @ 0.002k per kilobyte.
  • migration to any other pre-paid package can be done by dialing:
    • morelife complete – *620*1#
    • moretalk – *244*2#
    • talkzone – *244*8#

In this article, we have discussed 9Mobile Tariff Plans 2023 and Migration Codes. We have also looked at the benefits of each plan. So, which tariff plan are you going to choose for your next 9Mobile line?

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